backgroundFinally, a web-based dashboard that gives you visibility and control over your book publishing program, allowing you to scale-up in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Editorial Manager (EM) for Books is a web-based platform used by scholarly book publishers to perform all the editorial and production tasks necessary to manage books workflows. The system stores files and relevant data (e.g. Author names, TOC, ISBN, etc.). Participants, such as authors, editors, copy editors, and vendors, securely access files from anywhere on the Web, at any time. Due dates and status terms are updated automatically as tasks are completed and files saved. This means that managers can more accurately monitor and optimize workflow with the knowledge that files and data are safely stored.

EM for Books includes configurable options to:

• Set-up a book
• Manage frontmatter
• Structure the book
• Set-up chapters
• Set-up ancillary material
• Copy a book
• Customize publisher/book branding within the interface
• Customize the status dashboard
• Control authors, editors, reviewers and production staff
• Permissions based remote access
• View staff workloads and performance
• Track and monitor editorial and peer review
• Track the status of editorial and production tasks
• Track and manage deadlines, slippage and ‘grip’-age proactively
sizeedit• Securely store book files (including work-in-progress, final files, etc.)
• Store book metadata (including ISBN, pagination, etc.)
• Invite authors
• Assign editors
• Assign tasks to internal staff, vendors or freelancers
• Automatically remind authors, editors, vendors of due dates
• Receive completed work (human or machine submission)
• Incorporate standards (e.g. ORCID, Ringgold, DOI)
• Configurable workflows
• Run ‘canned’ reports for tracking KPIs
• Run custom reports
• Export metadata in BITS XML format for Books