Authors are increasingly collaborating with value added services and tools to prepare and submit manuscripts to peer reviewed publications. Publishers are looking for ways to make submission simpler for authors. EM’s partnerships with emerging author services and tools provide real integration by ingesting metadata, while competitive approaches do no more than a file upload/download.

Solving the Problem

Editorial Manager Ingest Service offers a very streamlined service to authors working with submission partners and tools. This means that publishers can accommodate authors working with these services, and also access cleaner metadata at submission.

So How Does It Work?

EM Ingest Service leverages JATS XML to simplify manuscript submission on behalf of authors by participating author services and tools, like BioRxiv, Chronos, Edanz, Editage, Enago, Overleaf and ManuscriptsApp, to publications using Editorial Manager. Submissions from partner services to journals include files and metadata.


Ingest Infographic