Q: Are flexibility and configurability really that important?

A: Scientific publishing is a competitive and fast-changing environment – so you need to be able to respond quickly. That’s why each Editorial Manager site includes thousands of configuration options, and is upgraded 2-3 times per year in a seamless process that does not disrupt the journal operations.

Editorial Manager configuration options are provided at no extra cost, and can be implemented quickly and easily, so you can:

  • Take advantage of new technology and features.
  • Adapt to a wide range of market changes faced by your organization.

In contrast, “hard coded” systems have a fixed workflow, and cannot be dynamically reconfigured, or easily upgraded. For these systems, even a small change (e.g. such as changing user roles or adding reviewer questions) can require expensive custom software modifications, which may take months to implement. Additionally, upgrading “hard coded” systems can be such a lengthy and disruptive process that journals may end up “stranded” on old software.