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Postcard from EMUG 2016

We asked about 150 of our customers– the 2016 Editorial Manager User Group– to help us locate the “treasure” in Editorial Manager. If this sounds familiar, it’s because we tasked our 2016 European Editorial Manager User group meeting attendees with something similar.

Flexibility in configuring submission workflows

Aries products, are configurable and flexible, giving control to users to design the best, most supportive workflows for their publications. Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager stand out among other systems in the marketplace because workflows are not hard-coded, and a majority of configuration requires no development, or delay.

Latest videos showcase benefits of EM’s configurability

Two just-released videos highlight the fact that Aries’ Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager  systems are tangible examples of the company’s commitment to giving users the control to manage their own configuration to support workflows as they see fit. This means that there are no costly software code changes, or lag times, associated with editorial offices making changes to the way deployments are configured.