Development partnership between STRIATUS/JBJS and Aries Systems will facilitate generation of PRE-score – a new metric used to evaluate the quality of peer review undertaken by scholarly journals

April 28, 2014 North Andover, MA, USA -Peer review practices vary widely. Consequently readers and research funders lack a convenient and standardized way to assess the quality of peer review undertaken by scholarly journals. In response to this need, STRIATUS/JBJS is developing a transparent metric that will help readers identify journals that conduct ethical and rigorous peer review, called PRE-score.

ORCID and Contributor ID update

June 18, 2012 North Andover, MA, USA – At the recent ORCID Outreach Meeting, Richard Wynne, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Aries, presented Aries’ phased implementation of ORCID and discussed potential benefits of ORCID integration with journal workflow. Check out his and other presentations here:

Aries Systems commits to JATS

November 9, 2011 North Andover, MA, USA – Publishers of scholarly manuscripts benefit from a proliferation of web applications to process and manage manuscript workflow. For example, Aries’ Editorial Manager SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) has been deployed by more than 4,200 scholarly journals for manuscript submission and peer review. The growing availability of workflow systems has created the need to efficiently transfer manuscript data between systems.