If your organization offers a product or service that could be integrated with the peer review digital workflow we encourage you to contact us to discuss technical and marketing partnership opportunities, please contact us.

Allen Press  |  www.allenpress.com

allenpress-ariesAllen Press is a leading supplier of editorial, printing and society management services. By integrating Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager with its other services, Allen Press offers scholarly societies a unique end-to-end solution. For example, the combination of ProduXion Manager and Charlesworth’s AutoProof (which automatically generates composed PDF files from formatted Word files) dramatically reduces the time and cost of publishing a manuscript.

ATLAS  |  www.atlas.jp

ATLAS_logoATLAS Co. Ltd. is the distributor for Editorial Manager in Japan. Based in Tokyo, ATLAS was founded in 1986 and employs a staff of 100. The company is a leader in scholarly publishing technology and developed the successful J-STAGE journal hosting platform under contract to JST. ATLAS is ideally placed to market and support Editorial Manager in Japan.

XMLink  |  www.xmlink.kr

XMLink is the service provider of KoreaMed, Synapse, Korean Medical Citation Index (KoMCI), and Korean Medical Journal Information. Additionally, XMLink designs and hosts many online medical journal platforms known as KAMJE Press. The company also provides XML related services for PubMed and PubMed Central. XMLink shares the International relations with Crossref, ICSTI, World Wide Science Alliance, ORCID, NLM/NCBI PubMed Central, and others. Find the XMLink resources at www.xmlink.kr.