What are users saying about Editorial Manager?

Diary of an Editorial Manager User
We sat down with Editorial Manager users and partners at our 2018 User Group Meeting and asked them to tell us about their experiences working with Aries and Editorial Manager. Watch now!


“We made the decision to partner with Aries primarily because Editorial Manager will provide us with many of the additional features that have been requested by our editors, reviewers, and authors over the past several years. Aries has a proven track record of innovation and established processes of enhancing the system and is a true market leader, as evidenced by their broad client base of publishers, both large and small, around the world. We are excited about moving forward with the process of transitioning all our journals to Editorial Manager over the next two years.”

– Susan J.A. Harris, Senior Director, APA Journals

“From the first contact with the EM team, it was clear that this system has been designed with the busy editor and reviewer in mind. I have been impressed with the comprehensive approach provided, and with the ease of customizing almost everything to suit our journal’s style. I have also been delighted at the level of support from our Aries Account Coordinator. Our contributors and reviewers are themselves already using EM without difficulty, and the luxurious ability of straightforwardly being able to track the progress of manuscripts through the review process is becoming readily apparent.”

– John Tiratsoo, Journal of Pipeline Engineering, Great Southern Press

“Together, Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager allow us to effectively manage our peer review and production workflows from start to finish. The team from Aries has been great at helping us make our transition to EM/PM as seamless as possible.”

– Eliza-Beth Lerch, Managing Editor, Wiley VCH

“The implementation of ProduXion Manager has been invaluable to our journals enterprise. The seamless integration with Editorial Manager and the growing capabilities of PM are making our journals workflow more and more efficient.”

– Michael A. Friedman, Ph.D., Journals Production Manager, AMS

“The quality of Aries Systems’ service is unparalleled and wonderful. The amount of customization that is possible with EM is amazing and allows our journal to better interact with our authors, reviewers, and publishers.”

– Bonnie Ponce, American Mathematical Monthly

“PLOS benefits from superior reporting capabilities due to EM’s well-structured database and comprehensive logging. Also, with regard to secure administration permissions, EM/PM allows for the granular permissions configurations per user role that we need for our vast, complex user base.”

– David Wild, PLOS

“The most incredible thing about Aries is that the company is constantly evolving, with dynamic staff who love to solve problems as much as editorial people love to have our problems solved!”

– Jessica Brabant, Journal of Vascular Surgery

“Editorial Manager’s linked submission groups have helped our process tremendously.”

– Liz Guertin, ASCE

“They are very happy with the implementation of CM and have not had any issues with authors complying with the submission fee request.”

– Elizabeth Garrett, Supervisor, Peer Review Support, Allen Press, Incorporated

“We continue to be impressed with Editorial Manager and appreciate Aries’ dedication to continued quality improvement and customer service.”

– Karen Shipp, Senior Assistant Editor, American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

“The system allows us to monitor submission process and provide prompt contact with authors and reviewers.”

– Anna Rutkowska, Managing Editor, Neuro Report, EJA, EJGH

“Features such as deeplinks aid and improve the author’s submission process, and therefore our publication process.”

– Editor Comment

“The system enables faster review times and transparency of editor workflow, such as the ability to keep track of individual Editors’ performance.”

– Emma Gulseven, Journals Production Editor, IWA Publishing

“Editorial Manager improves the speed of processing manuscripts for an international journal with worldwide author base. It also helps building-up and utilizing a large and ever-increasing database of referees. 1,190 were used in 2008.”

– John and Hilary Craig, Journal of Fish Biology

“I find Editorial Manager incredibly useful; organized, intuitive, and fast. It helps me answer author questions quickly, keep my LTE manuscripts organized, and export data for the editors efficiently. Excellent!”

– Jessica Brabant, Editorial Assistant, Journal of Vascular Surgery

“EM is a powerful tool. It leaves the configuration in our hands which allows us to be efficient and proficient with helping our editors. Our editors love EM. It’s a wonderful tool and really provides for their journals’ needs.”

– Angelina Wagner, Assistant Managing Editor, Taylor and Francis Publishing

“We can now accomplish with the click of a mouse and a few key strokes the tasks that previously would have taken hours.”

– Nancy J. Kriigel, Managing Editor, The American Journal of Surgical Pathology

“The enhancements to reviewer selection and classification enhancements are good news for our editors – just what they wanted!”

– Sue Houchin, Managing Editor, Medical Care

“The adoption of Editorial Manager has made it easier to search for appropriate reviewers and customize letters.”

– Barbara Kern, Managing Editor, Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology

“I particularly like the automatic reviewer promotion and manuscript flags.”

– Laura Carlquist, Managing Editor, JPAG

“Editorial Manager saved time – faster turnaround time of editorial and review process.”

– Jenny Finnell, Assistant to the Editor-In-Chief, Synthetic Metals

“Reports are easy to use and with custom reports, you can create reports tailored to your specific needs.”

– Carlos Terra, Managing Editor, Clinical Infectious Diseases

“Aries support has been consistently helpful in my year of EM. No question is too big or too small.”

– Mary Sharkey, Managing Editor, Journal of Devel & Behav Pediatrics AND Journal of Thoracic Oncology

“I find EM to be intuitive; if I don’t know something, I can usually figure it out.”

– Deborah Bowman, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

“Editorial Manager is easy to use and it saves me a lot of time.”

– Leslie B. Thacker, Managing Editor, Diagnostic Molecular Pathology & The International Journal of Gynecological Pathology

“EM enables versatility in the journal office.”

– Claire Moroney, Manuscript Administrator, Clinical Infectious Diseases

“Editorial Manager is a smart tool that makes submission and reviewing tasks more efficient and user friendly.”

– Andrea Dulberger, Editorial Assistant, Cell Press

“I like EM’s ability to configure different manuscript types.”

– Rachel Ravitsky, Managing Editor, Electronic Taylor and Francis

“As a self-publisher, we have been able to move to a more efficient workflow by using PM for production tracking. There is great ability to become more flexible and to have quick turnarounds and version control.”

– ProduXion Manager User

“What used to take hours of time and hundreds of dollars, now takes a couple of clicks of the mouse and virtually no money.”

– Jian Sun, EES (Editorial) Manager, Aesthetic Surgery Journal

“The staff at Aries Systems make you feel like family. They are willing to go above and beyond to help your journal run as smoothly as possible.”

– Erin Dubnansky, Director of Editorial Services, Gastroenterology and CGH

“Editorial Manager is for us an ingenious solution because it offers us an excellent mix of pre-configured functionality and individual adaptation. We handle our journals rather individually to the benefit of authors, referees and editors and, therefore, particularly appreciate the capability in Editorial Manager allowing us to configure all these conditions ourselves within the system exactly according to our requirements.”

– Angelika Sperlich, Oldenbourg

“Editorial Manager has increasingly made my life simpler and more organized. I cannot imagine ever going back to the days before EM! Thank you for your innovative and responsive system.”

– Mary Newcomb, Managing Editor, Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research

“I sincerely appreciate what a great vendor Aries is for Duke Press. You always follow through and are very responsive to our needs.”

– Rob Dilworth, Editorial/Administrative Manager, Duke University Press

“I just wanted to let you know Jason has been a tremendous help with our conversion to EM. He is always available to answer all questions and is extremely knowledgeable about the system. It is very refreshing to have someone like that to call for help and get the friendly, courteous, competent help that is needed. I have never been disappointed and am grateful he is there when I need him.”

– Jeanine Vezie, Managing Editor, The Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

“Editorial Manager is a key selling point for my company.”

– Marie Bardsley, Director, E-Med Ltd.

“I am particularly impressed by the availability and stability of EM and the smooth update procedures. Thank you for providing such an excellent choice to our journals!”

– Katharina Rademacher, JEO Manager, Springer Heidelberg

“Editorial Manager is a versatile and powerful system that saves us time throughout the peer review process. We are extremely happy with the flexibility, responsiveness of Aries to user suggestions, and the online help feature in EM.”

– Sara Tiner, Editorial Coordinator, Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

“Aries is constantly updating and improving the efficiency and usability of Editorial Manager. We are more than happy with this system.”

– Leslie Thacker, Managing Editor, Diagnostic Molecular Pathology

“Aries is committed to providing an excellent and ever-expanding product.”

– Nancy J. Kriigel, Managing Editor, American Journal of Surgical Pathology

“I have found using EM to be quite intuitive. I was able to start using it right away, yet it has so many layers, I still learn new things every day.”

– Deborah Bowman, Managing Editor, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

“Working with the EM staff made the experience of transitioning to a new system a pleasant one.”

– Jackie Perry, Managing Editor, American Society of Civil Engineers

“I appreciate your responsiveness. Editorial Manager is vastly superior to the system we used to use.”

– Unsolicited User Comment

“We work with editors in the U.S. and Germany. During implementation, we needed strong customer support from Aries on both sides of the ocean. That has worked splendidly. The comprehensive support provided by the German Aries office in Langenfeld has been very important as we introduced the system.”

– Michael Himmelstoß, Publishing Manager, Carl Hanser Publishing Munich

“We are really grateful for the help that Aries was able to offer. We don’t have a dedicated IT staff, so this kind of assistance is of special value for us. Thank you for the excellent follow-through.”

– Mady Tissenbaum, General Manager, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery

“We chose Editorial Manager because it is a worldwide market leader, and we wanted a manuscript submission and editorial office system that has been proven to work well. The fact that the system has been broadly used by other publishing houses gave us confidence that some of our authors and editors would already have experience with Editorial Manager, and that training would be easy for those who did not.”

– Wolfgang Böttner, Section Manager Medicine & Sciences and Board Member, Walter de Gruyter Publishing

“You guys really provide us with good service and you don’t know how much I appreciate it!”

– Rhea Morgan, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association

“I have just used EM for the first time. It was an excellent experience and really facilitated the review process.”

– David Middleton, Reviewer, British Journal of Social Psychology

“I really appreciate Editorial Manager. It is very efficient, effective, easy to use and has greatly increased our ability to quickly serve our authors.”

– Ken Hargreaves, Editor, Journal of Endodontics

“We are very excited to work with Editorial Manager. We were all very impressed and appreciate the customer service, too. Thank you for your very informative instruction.”

– Cindy Garcia, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry

“Editorial Manager 4.0 represents one of the most comprehensive updates to the system since its inception. These changes include a host of refinements and new additions. As a whole, 4.0 is a welcome upgrade and the majority of enhancements will enrich the EM experience.”

– David M. Allen, Publications Specialist, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research

“EM has definitely made my life easier! You anticipate features I’d like to see, such as reference checking and linking with eXtyles, sometimes before I even think of them. Thank you.”

– Sue Shock, Medicine

“It is a pleasure to deal with an organization that reacts positively to user feedback and that incorporates the real-life experiences of customers into product improvements.”

– Dr. Nijsje Dorman and Dr. Sean Sanders, Assistant Editors, BioTechniques

“EM is essential. I cannot imagine functioning without it. Customer service is extraordinary; well above that of any other organization.”

– Donna Stroud, Editor, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

“I have completed all the reviewer invitations for the current manuscripts, and I just love this system! I had absolutely no problems, everything worked great, and I kept catching on more and more as I used the system. Wow, this all makes my life so easy! It is terrific!”

– Peggy Chin, Editor, Advances in Nursing Science

“The impressive increase in the citation impact factor has drawn more authors to our journal, this along with the ease of submitting manuscripts using Editorial Manager helped to boost our submissions by more than 10% in 2004.”

– Cami Lind, Editorial Assistant, Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

“Operating a Journal Office without Editorial Manager would be like baking bread without yeast. I just do not know how you would get anywhere without it!”

– Jackie Lynch, Senior Editorial Coordinator, The Laryngoscope

“I have to say that part of the reason I like doing reviews for Annals so much is the excellent staff, and the ridiculously friendly web-based review system.”

– Dr. David C. Cone, Associate Professor, Yale University School of Medicine

“Largely as a result of the success of Editorial Manager, we have significantly decreased the average number of days from manuscript receipt to publication. Most authors and reviewers have become comfortable with EM and, in fact, many like it better than other systems they come across.”

– Deanna Gunderson, Managing Editor, American Journal of Kidney Disease

“We plan to apply the ‘Proposals and Invited Papers’ feature both to invited editorials and letters to the editor and their replies. This new feature represents just one of many examples of Aries’ responsiveness to editorial office requests.”

– Pam Fried, Managing Editor, The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

“We have been using it for about 15 months now and really like it. The editor of the journal recently moved to Virginia, but with EM we are able to keep the journal office in Texas without any change to the way we handle manuscripts. Our authors, referees and publisher have all praised the web-based system.”

– Sarah Pierce-Rubio, Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine

“At any given time our journal has between 80 and 90 live manuscripts, and I seem to be able to handle everything working 12 to 16 hours per week largely because EM does so much for me.”

– Caroline Verdier, Managing Editor, Cognitive Science

“I just wanted to say that EM is an excellent system and from the many positive comments we have received, that it is by far superior to other systems being used. If we continue to get submissions at our current rate, by the end of the year, we will double our submission rate from previous years.”

– Betty Schiefelbein, Managing Editor, Remote Sensing of Environment

“Editorial Manager offers the right mix of software functionality and configurability. We particularly like the flexibility of the reporting system which will enable us to monitor and track the journals in a detailed and systematic way.”

– Julie Neason, Journals Manager, British Psychological Society

“We’re really enjoying the 3.0 EM upgrade. The staff who work on the journals we upgraded to 3.0 have been singing the praises of .zip file uploads for the last week!”

– Ryan Kelley, Local Applications Manager, Elsevier Publishing

“Our international authors are especially excited about Editorial Manager. We’ve surveyed authors and reviewers and received a very positive response to the system overall.”

– Nancy Medina, Director, Annals of Emergency Medicine

“The system has helped cut late reviews to just 16-17%. Contributors get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ much more quickly – the average time has dropped from 52 business days to 25.”

– Adrienne Lea, Director of Publications, Journal of Bone and Mineral Research

“As a leading scientific publisher, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins continues to offer the best solution to our authors and editorial boards. Aries has a solid track record of successful software development, and their Editorial Manager system has proven to be a superior online manuscript submission and tracking solution.”

– Patti Ward, Manager of Editorial Solutions, Lippincott Williams and Wilkins

“We’ve been impressed with the pace and reliability of innovation delivered by the Editorial Manager development team.”

– Harry Verwayen, Business Development Manager, Kluwer Academic Publishers

“I have just tried the online review process and I congratulate you and the journal for an excellent system! In fact, this is the best I have encountered. I like the related articles feature and the fact that we can add special characters which many journals do not offer.”

– Unsolicited Section Editor Comment

“I have submitted the article via the web system. I found this system to be very easy to understand and use, and also very quick.”

– Unsolicited Author Comment

“We would like to congratulate you and your team on the excellent upgrade.”

– Journal Office Comment

“Sending decision letters via EM is a pleasure. I was able to send 9 letters in a half-hour. In the old system, those same letters would have taken 2 hours. EM has revolutionized the decision letter process.”

– Journal Office Comment

“One of our Editorial Board members sent this super nice message last week. He also called to say ‘hats off’ to the designers of the system because he liked it so much. I think this message is a great compliment to everyone at Aries.”

– Journal Office Comment

“I just had to write to say how much I love looking for reviewers with Editorial Manager. Before EM I’d write personal emails to potential reviewers, and some would take weeks to write back; many would never respond at all. This past week with EM I queried 9 reviewers; all 9 replied (some within minutes!), and 8 said yes. I had no idea reviewers would respond so quickly and positively.”

– Christine F. Cooper-Rompato, Co-Editor, Journal of Medieval Religious Cultures

“EM Allows the ability to track incoming, invited submissions within the system so two databases do not need to be supported.”

– Claire Neumann, Clinical Infectious Diseases

“Our volume has increased so much in recent years. Recent upgrades to some of the automation at the end of the process (final disposition + initiating production) make a huge difference in our efficiency also fewer instances of user error.”


– Liz Guertin, ASCE

“The networking and learning at EMUG is invaluable – A great way to improve best practices.”

– Bonnie Ponce, American Mathematical Monthly

“EM makes it easy to see the history of a manuscript and keep all the correspondence in one place.”

– Annie Gering, RTI Press

“PM provides us the flexibility needed to manage a wide variety of journal workflows and keep pace with new initiatives and industry innovations.”

– Naomi Ullman, Wolters Kluwer Health

“Author Status Link: We include our copyright language with author verification, so this is an easy way for us to quickly confirm our copyright agreements.”

– Lisa Reckmeyer, American Journal of Roentgenology