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bioRxiv  |  bioRxiv.org

bioRxiv logobioRxiv (pronounced “bio-archive”) is a free online archive and distribution service for unpublished preprints in the life sciences.  By posting preprints on bioRxiv, authors make their findings immediately available to the scientific community and can receive feedback
on draft manuscripts before they are submitted to journals.

Manuscripts are not peer-reviewed, edited, or typeset before being postedonline.  A manuscript may be posted prior to, or concurrently with, submission to a journal but not if it has been accepted and given a journal DOI or published. Once posted, manuscripts have a preprint DOI and are citable.  Authors may submit a revised version of a manuscript to bioRxiv at any time prior to publication in a journal.

bioRxiv is operated by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a not-for-profit research and educational institution. Follow @biorxivpreprint on Twitter.

CASRAI CRediT  |  www.credit.casrai.org


CASRAI Partner logo

CASRAI is an international nonprofit membership initiative led by research institutions and their partners. Our mission is to adapt the principles and best practices of open standards and data governance to lead and facilitate key stakeholders in annual deliberations to develop ‘standard information agreements’ that serve as bridges between research information users.

CASRAI oversees the CRediT taxonomy. Project CRediT originated at a May 2012 workshop, co-hosted by the Wellcome Trust and Harvard University, which brought together those interested in exploring contributorship and attribution models. This meeting spawned a working group charged with developing a controlled vocabulary of roles that could be used to describe typical research “contributions”. The group tested its draft taxonomy with corresponding authors publishing across science disciplines. The outcomes of the pilot test are described in this Nature commentary (April 2014).

The Project CRediT taxonomy consists of the following 14 contribution types to scholarly work, along with guidelines on how these roles may be assigned. The CRediT taxonomy will be integrated with Editorial Manager version 13.0.

Copyright Clearance Center  |  www.copyright.com

CCC-LogoCopyright Clearance Center (CCC) is the creator of RightsLink for Open Access®, the industry-leading Article Publication Charge (APC) management system integrated with Editorial Manager.

Crossref  |  www.crossref.org

CrossrefAries Systems Corporation is an authorized Crossref Agent. Editorial Manager integrates with similarity check, Open Funder Registry, DOI, and other Crossref tools and services.

Inera Inc.  |  www.inera.com

Inera-LogoInera Inc. offers an editorial and XML production tool, eXtyles, that includes reference-processing features used by scholarly journals to validate, clean-up, and link bibliographic references to PubMed and CrossRef. Aries and Inera have entered into a technology agreement for the purpose of integrating the eXtyles reference-processing functionality with Aries workflow solutions. This means that users of the system will be able to access corrected and linked bibliographies as an integral part of the online peer-review and editorial processes. This functionality is available in Editorial Manager 4.0.

Meta  |  http://www.meta.com

meta_logo_blackMeta is an artificial intelligence company specializing in big data analysis of scientific and technical literature. By applying the world’s most sophisticated machine learning methods to the entire corpus of scientific and technical literature, Meta organizes, forecasts, and reasons over scientific and technical discovery at speed, scale, and accuracy that far exceed human ability. Meta’s mission is to unlock all of the world’s scientific and technical information through artificial intelligence. For more information about Meta, visit meta.com.

National Library of Medicine / MEDLINE  |  www.nlm.nih.gov

NLM-logoFor biomedical journals MEDLINE is an essential resource that enables authors, reviewers and editors to validate content, check references and identify candidate reviewers. In Editorial Manager, MEDLINE has been fully integrated into the journal workflow so that high-quality relevant information is never more than a click away.

ORCID  |  www.orcid.org

ORCID is a community-based effort to create and maintain a registry of unique researcher identifiers and a transparent method of linking research activities and outputs to these identifiers. As an ORCID Launch Partner and evangelist, Aries Systems supports ORCID and the many benefits it offers during manuscript workflow. Editorial Manager® (manuscript submission and peer review) and ProduXion Manager™ (production tracking) have been integrated with ORCID, allowing publications to accept ORCID IDs from authors, co-authors, reviewers, and editors. Using the ORCID API, Aries delivers a stream of innovative new solutions to the 5,000+ journals that use its platforms. Aries’ mission is to help customers “publish faster, publish smarter,” and continuing support of ORCID aligns with this mission.

Aries is happy to say that Editorial Manager has been awarded ORCID’s Collect, Authenticate, Display, and Connect badges in recognition that our system meets ORCID’s best practice requirements. This also enables our clients to easily meet ORCID’s Collect & Connect requirements. For more information about Collect & Connect, please contact support@orcid.org

Ringgold  |  www.ringgold.com

Ringgold-logoRinggold helps publishers and intermediaries improve the quality of their data. Clean, well structured data can be used to develop better business intelligence, improve decision making, and more easily connect your publications to the supply chain.

Sheridan  |  www.sheridan.com/journals

Sheridan is a leading provider of print, publishing services and technology solutions to publishers, associations, university presses, and catalogers. With four U.S. based-production facilities, each location has a market specialty that supports STM and commercial reprints, scholarly journals, magazines, catalogs, or books.

StatReviewer  |  www.statreviewer.com

StatReviewer is an automated review of statistical and reporting integrity for scientific manuscripts. Manuscripts are scanned and a report is generated. The report will either resemble an actual peer review, or checklist, depending on the guidelines specified by the journal.

StatReviewer is built to integrate into your existing document handling workflow, and stay out of the way. It can be used on every manuscript to ensure consistent integrity, or use it only when needed.