Aries Systems Migration to the Cloud Initiative: A Look into our Strategic Approach

Aries Systems is pleased to announce its upcoming migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud technology. The global pandemic is responsible for many recent shifts within traditional business operations including the acceleration of companies moving to cloud technology to optimize solutions/offerings, and allow companies to become more agile, innovative, and cost-efficient to keep up with ever-changing demands and expectations of customers.

To align with industry standards and allow for greater scalability, Aries has made the decision to move off of its existing data centers and migrate to AWS where we will rely on their cloud technology services for the support of our systems and services. With this move, we will leverage more robust environments, connectivity, and hardware that will improve the performance of our systems. Our migration to AWS cloud will enable Aries to scale its infrastructure in line with customer growth, allowing us to dedicate additional resources to improvement initiatives while expediting the deployment of our code changes and features.

Our Approach

Aries is taking a component-by-component approach to our cloud migration initiative. This will provide the ability to manage and operate infrastructure components via code which applies to hardware components as well as software components within the three categories of information technology: servers, storage and networking. Under this strategy, Aries has developed a migration plan that is broken down into several components that are prioritized based on customer and business needs., and supports our focus on achieving optimal system stability and performance.

What EM/PM Users Can Expect

Increased Stability and Enhanced Performance
Cloud automation automatically adjusts workloads as needed to scale based on needs. This creates a more stable environment and increases system performance allowing Aries to invest infrastructure and man hours savings into the future of Aries and our solutions.

Enhanced System Support and Monitoring
Access to 24x7x365 monitoring and off hours support to find, diagnose, and execute remediation of known issue types within SLA’s and respond to customer needs much faster.

Security and Compliance
Cloud technology services are designed for maximum data security. Data stored in the cloud is encrypted both in transit and at rest and continuously monitored to protect against any cybersecurity threats. Aries will also adopt increased security and patching models to increase the security posture of Aries applications through the automated scanning of our infrastructure, network traffic, and operating systems as well as producing third party application scans for security threats, vulnerabilities, code quality to increase the overall quality of any components of our systems prior to a production release.

Ability to Innovate faster
Cloud technology accelerates the pace of innovation by increasing agility, allowing Aries to respond more quickly to customer and business needs.

Resources & Timeline

A cross-functional team of Aries’ technical, product, and systems experts were tasked with identifying an approach that ensures we deliver the best experience possible as part of our migration efforts. Migration of some EM/PM asynchronous services (component one) will begin in late Q3 2022 and migration of customer site data (component two) is tentatively scheduled to begin in mid-2023 based on current estimates.

For additional information on this transition, please reference our cloud migration FAQ sheets available on the Aries Resources webpage. Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager users will be given advance notice prior to any customer data migrating to the AWS Cloud. Please contact your Aries Account Coordinator with any questions.