Big things in 2016: Learn about CCC’s RightFind

A new  year brings new opportunity. One such opportunity to explore in 2016 is the Copyright Clearance Center’s RightFind XML for Mining. RightFind is developed in partnership with dozens of leading STM publishers, and provides researchers with a single source to find and acquire normalized, XML-formatted full-text licensed content from multiple journals and publishers.

Here’s are some of the opportunities RightFind represents for rightsholding publishers: CCC-Logo

  • Increase visibility of published content among life science researchers using advanced text mining applications
  • Offer researchers the ability to purchase XML-formatted articles when content isn’t covered under existing subscriptions
  • Add value to existing subscriptions and encourage new subscriptions
  • Dramatically reduce the costs of servicing one-off requests for text mining rights
  • Support voluntary, market-based licensing solutions in the research community.
  • Minimize unauthorized use of content
  • Analyze RightFind XML for Mining usage reports to identify and promote the
    most valuable publications for text mining and inform future strategies for text mining
  • Further helpfulness to researchers
    • Aggregates content published by multiple rightsholders on a single, one-stop platform
    • Enables search of full-text articles—not just abstracts and metadata—to identify and select relevant content for mining
    • Checks automatically on the subscription status for each article selection—making subscribed content immediately available for download and facilitating the purchase of unsubscribed content
    • Converts the selected articles to standard, normalized XML machine-readable format
    • Allows researchers to import the XML-formatted text into their preferred text mining software