Building bridges: Aries, publishers, and industry technology vendors collaborate to build interoperable systems infrastructure

Aries is among the peer review systems providers collaborating to create a common approach to interoperability that could have major workflow and ecosystem benefits if adopted widely.

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The project? Common manuscript transfer protocol. The team? Representatives from Aries, eJournalPress, HighWire, PLOS, and Scholar One .

The definition of interoperability includes submission system to submission system exchange, pre-print system to submission system exchange, authoring system to submission system exchange, and perhaps eventually submission system to production services.

Aries initiated discussion and proposed solutions around this topic as early as 2002.

The team is leveraging JATS to provide standardized transmission of manuscript data and files, author identity and peer review data. To learn more, attend SSP 2017, session Concurrent 6D: Manuscript Transfer Standards.