Workflow Wednesday: Custom Queues Using Saved Searches


It’s Workflow Wednesday! This means we’re sharing workflow tips and tricks from Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager users. From quick helpful workarounds to unique and diverse methods of peer review, we’ll highlight the real-life ways users interact with EM and PM.

Kicking off our first Workflow Wednesday is Lindsey Struckmeyer, Client Manager at J&J Editorial, LLC. In her unique position at J&J, Lindsey sees a number of varied workflows. Her suggestion is a simple tip that can be configured in just minutes but can save your journal office time spent manually searching through submissions.

Custom Queues using Saved Searches

“We often find that Editors will request customized queues for easier access to a particular group of papers. Since queues in Editorial Manager are hard-coded and cannot be changed, we recommend using saved searches to create a sort of custom queue for Editors. Saved searches can be built based on many criteria, but an easy tactic is to create and then raise a submission flag on the manuscripts that should be pulled into your search. Then you can build the search to pull in articles that have that flag raised. This search can then be saved and displayed on an Editor’s Main Menu or shared across all Editors.” – Lindsey Struckmeyer, Client Manager at J&J Editorial, LLC

Many thanks to Lindsey for participating in our first Workflow Wednesday! Is your journal using a unique workflow or feature? We want to hear from you! Send us your tips, tricks, suggestions, or example workflows. We’re happy to credit your suggestion to you or keep it anonymous if you prefer. You can also tag us or direct message us on social media with your tips.

Need help implementing this workflow? Contact your Aries Account Coordinator for help.