Aries’ agreement with StatReviewer increases the availability of decision support tools in Editorial Manager peer review workflow

North Andover, Massachusetts | June 22, 2017 — Aries Systems is pleased to announce an agreement to integrate StatReviewer with the Editorial Manager® manuscript submission and peer review system used by thousands of journals. StatReviewer provides automated review of statistical and reporting integrity for scholarly manuscripts.

According to Timothy Houle Ph.D., lead scientist and co-founder of StatReviewer, published research is plagued by statistical errors such as incorrect choice of statistical techniques, flawed application of statistical methods, omission of crucial information to replicate study, erroneous conclusions, and choice of statistical methods susceptible to bias or exaggerated claims that will fail to be replicated.

In response to this problem, Dr. Houle and his collaborator Chadwick DeVoss developed StatReviewer, a program that runs thousands of algorithmic tests. Houle commented, “We check for many different kinds of reporting elements including, obvious numerical errors, quality of reporting (e.g., defined descriptive statistics), appropriate statistical tests (e.g., t-test for skewed data), style (e.g., precision of decimal places) and methodological reporting.”

Thanks to StatReviewer, Editorial Manager will be able to automatically scan submitted manuscripts and generate a checklist of relevant statistical issues. The output will be available for use by editors when evaluating manuscripts, and for inclusion in decision letters sent to authors.

Aries’ Vice President of Sales and Marketing Richard Wynne commented, “Editorial Manager already includes powerful decision support tools for plagiarism detection, reference linking, similarity check, image quality, and predictive bibliometrics. However, we heard from journals that they also need help with statistical review. For this reason, we’re delighted to collaborate with StatReviewer. They have developed a comprehensive suite of tests and validations that will run automatically in Editorial Manager and generate useful, human-readable feedback for authors and editors.”

Aries plans to incorporate StatReviewer into Editorial Manager, Version 15.0, for release in 2018.

About StatReviewer |
StatReviewer is an automated review of statistical and reporting integrity for scientific manuscripts. Manuscripts are scanned and a report is generated. The report will either resemble an actual peer review, or checklist, depending on the guidelines specified by the journal.

StatReviewer is built to integrate into your existing document handling workflow, and stay out of the way. It can be used on every manuscript to ensure consistent integrity, or use it only when needed.

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