Artificial Intelligence Integration Allows Publishers a First Look at Meta Bibliometric Intelligence

Integration between Editorial Manager and Meta enables editors to see the results of Meta Bibliometric Intelligence Scoring

meta_logo_blackFrankfurt, Germany | October 17, 2016 – Aries Systems Corporation today announces the integration of Meta Bibliometric Intelligence into Editorial Manager, Aries’ industry-leading manuscript and peer-review tracking system for scholarly publications. The new technology, created by Meta, applies artificial intelligence toward the identification of high-impact manuscripts at the moment of first submission, allowing editors to triage and rank incoming manuscripts.

“By incorporating Meta Bibliometric Intelligence into Editorial Manager, we’re the first workflow system that helps publishers explore the potential of `big data` analysis during peer review,” said Richard Wynne, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Aries Systems.

Bibliometric Intelligence uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms that were trained using Meta’s corpus of millions of full-text articles – a collection that now comprises the largest scholarly text-mining collection on Earth. As newly-submitted manuscripts are processed, hundreds of unique features are pulled from the papers and fed through the algorithms. Based on this analysis, Meta estimates the future citation count and impact of a manuscript, with a speed, accuracy, and consistency that far exceed human ability.

Large-scale trials conducted by Meta in partnership with industry demonstrated that Bibliometric Intelligence out-performed tens of thousands of human editors by a factor 2.5x at predicting article-level impact for new manuscripts, prior to publication. It also performed 2.2x better than the same group of editors at identifying “superstar articles” – those that represent the top 1% of high-impact papers, prior to publication.

Predictive intelligence is just one of several ways that industries throughout science are leveraging Meta’s artificial intelligence capabilities to solve their core information challenges. Meta’s AI-enabled solutions are also used by researchers and innovation-driven companies throughout science and technology to surface key insights, accelerate their work, and understand where science is going.

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Aries,” said Sam Molyneux, CEO of Meta. “Their rich history of innovation, coupled with their extensive understanding of the needs and challenges of those on the front lines of scholarly publishing, make them perfectly suited to introduce next-gen tools like Bibliometric Intelligence to the broader market.”

Aries was formed in 1986 to help scholarly publishers streamline and improve the publication process. Their flagship product, Editorial Manager, is used by thousands of scholarly journals to manage millions of manuscript submissions and peer-review tracking systems. Their customers include Wolters Kluwer, Springer Nature, Wiley-VCH, PLoS, BMC, and AAAS.

Bibliometric Intelligence integration is available in Editorial Manager version 13.1. Interested publishers should request activation so that they can explore the use of Bibliometric Intelligence during this Beta period.

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