Brill Chooses Editorial Manager for Manuscript Submission Management

July 14, 2006, North Andover, MA, USA – Aries Systems Corporation, the leading supplier of online web-based manuscript tracking solutions, has announced that Brill, a Dutch publishing house with a rich scholarly publishing tradition and headquarters in Leiden, Holland, will use Editorial Manager. Brill will use the system for management of journals within the humanities and the natural sciences. Initially, six journals including Early Science and Medicine, Journal of Early Modern History and Behaviour will be migrated to workflows configured in Editorial Manager. Additional journals will follow in future project phases.

Brill selected Editorial Manager due in part to the superior functional and technical attributes of the system, but also because of its considerable reputation in the industry. Dr. Arthur Koedam, Manager of Operations for Brill, said, “Editorial Manager is the industry standard, no doubt about it, so we can be sure to be in good hands.”

Editorial Manager will supersede Brill’s previous solution for online manuscript submission. The company’s objective in using Editorial Manager is to increase the speed and control of editorial workflow for each journal, explained Dr. Koedam.

Additionally, Brill plans to integrate Editorial Manager into their Content Management System (CMS). Using online manuscript management software is part of an overall strategy to support everyday publishing activities by means of state-of-the-art technology. “We have to flow with the times, and our motto at Brill is to employ proven electronic tools in a systematic and beneficial way,” explains Dr. Koedam.

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