Editage® Becomes the First Adopter of Aries’ Manuscript Ingest Functionality for Editorial Manager

January 16, 2015 North Andover, MA, USA – Aries Systems, a global leader in providing workflow solutions to STMS publishers, societies, and researchers, announced today at their Eleventh Annual European Editorial Manager User Group Meeting in London, England, that Editage, the flagship manuscript editing brand of Cactus Communications, is the first adopter of its new “ingest service” for Editorial Manager (EM). In September 2014, Aries announced the addition of manuscript ingest functionality to the EM platform’s robust set of submission workflow streamlining tools. As part of the collaboration, Editage will soon be able to transfer author manuscripts directly to participating journal EM submission sites and simplify the manuscript submission workflow for both journals and authors alike.

editage-by-cactus-LogoAuthors today use a range of manuscript services to assist with document preparation, including bibliography management, collaborative authoring tools, language polishing, and journal selection services. The addition of the manuscript ingest functionality to EM allows authors to save valuable time in manuscript submission to journals, by offering them a much simplified and hassle-free submission workflow. Journals will benefit from increased submissions owing to seamless manuscript submission processes, facilitated by a leading manuscript services provider such as Editage. The ingest functionality will be available to the thousands of scholarly journals using EM and the 70,000+ scholarly authors using Editage. The service also permits use of ORCID identifiers to ensure that transferred submissions are accurately mapped to prior author registration records.

Speaking on the occasion of the announcement, Donald Samulack, President, U.S. Operations, Editage, remarked, “We are very pleased to enrich the suite of services we offer authors who choose to work with us. The EM-powered manuscript ingest functionality will simplify workflows and allow Editage to collaborate more closely with publishers and scholarly societies on behalf of their author communities.”

Richard Wynne, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Aries, commented, “Editage is a leading supplier of manuscript language editing services and we are delighted that they are the first adopter of the EM ingest service. By collaborating to solve market problems we’re able to grow our respective services.”

Aries is exhibiting at the upcoming APE Conference, January 20-21, Berlin, Germany and the PSP Annual Conference, February 4-6 in Washington DC. If you would like to learn more about the manuscript ingest service, please arrange to meet us at one of these upcoming events by contacting us at marketing@edmgr.com.

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