Editorial Manager Helps Researchers Focus on Ophthalmic Problems of East Africa

March 5, 2009, North Andover, MA, USA – The Sudanese Journal of Ophthalmology (SJO) publishes original research, clinical studies and reviews, with a special emphasis on the ophthalmic problems of the Sudan and neighboring regions.

Editorial Manager, already deployed with leading international ophthalmology publications, has now been adopted by the SJO. This means that authors, reviewers and editors can conveniently collaborate on research that will help address the ophthalmic problems of the region.

Commenting on the adoption of Editorial Manager by the SJO, Richard Wynne (Vice President of Sale and Marketing) at Aries said “It’s exciting to see how Software-as-a-Service delivery of research tools enables worldwide collaboration and publication”.

The Sudanese Journal of Ophthalmology (SJO) is published by Sudan Eye Center (SEC) in collaboration with Sudanese Eye Research Group (SERG): http://www.sjopthal.net/

For submissions to the Sudanese Journal of Ophthalmology visit: www.editorialmanager.com/sjo

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