Editorial Manager Reaches, and Rapidly Surpasses 1,000 Live Journal Deployments

September 15, 2005, North Andover, MA, USA – In an industry first, Aries Systems Corporation is pleased to announce that the number of scholarly journals using Editorial Manager for online manuscript submission and tracking exceeded 1,000 on June 20, 2005. The 1,000th journal to go live with Editorial Manager was Advances in Anatomical Pathology published by Lippincott Williams and Wilkins.

The Editorial Manager system has been successfully adopted by hundreds of independently-published, not-for-profit journals as well as commercially published journals. Feedback from users suggests that with each new release, Editorial Manager exceeds market expectations – user Sue Shock of Medicine, commented that, “EM has definitely made my life easier! The company anticipates features I’d like to see – sometimes even before I think of them.”

New releases of Editorial Manager are delivered approximately twice annually and all journals can take advantage of new features immediately upon release of the software. Upgrades are highly transparent to journals and users, require no service interruption, and do not incur any additional costs or delays.

When asked about future milestones for Aries Systems and Editorial Manager, Lyndon Holmes, President of Aries Systems Corporation said, “Widespread deployment is not our primary goal, but it is the happy byproduct of our passion for software and service excellence. We will continue to focus like a laser on the needs of the scholarly publishing sector. Our software platform has proven scalable and capable of delivering seamless enhancements. By maintaining a continuous dialogue with customers, our goal is simply to provide the best online peer review system in the world and let them be the judge.”

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