Editorial Manager User Group Meeting Judged a Major Success

June 24, 2005, North Andover, MA, USA – Over 100 people attended the Third Annual EMUG Meeting in June of 2005. This two-day meeting featured workshops, a reports clinic, breakout sessions, and a stunning reception at the Top of the Hub restaurant. Unlike previous EMUG meetings, the format for EMUG2005 consisted of concurrent session focused on specific aspects of the Editorial Manager and Preprint Manager systems. This allowed for attendees to pick and choose the sessions and workshops that most suited their needs. Both Aries staff and business partners, such as The Sheridan Group and Inera Inc., led the presentations and workshops.

Users were given a sneak preview of Editorial Manager Version 4.0. They saw the latest innovations such as: Reference Checking and Linking (using Inera’s eXtyles software plug-in); the ability to pass search queries to third-party bibliographic databases and search systems, such as Ovid, Scopus, and Google Scholar; improved Reviewer performance data and reports; and a number of enhancements to EM’s e-mail capabilities, such as the ability to send ad hoc communications, alternate letter selection, increased customization of emails, and a new reviewer thank you function.

In the Reports Clinic users were able to gain hands-on experience using the Custom Reports and General Data Export tools. There was a strong focus on using Excel and other applications to manipulate and display data, and to create highly individualized reports. This dynamic session was so popular that it ran almost constantly throughout both days. What made this session even more instructive for users was the way veteran users assisted the less experienced with their reporting issues. All participants gained a deeper understanding of EM’s reporting capabilities, including when to use a ‘canned’ report versus when a custom report would better suit their needs.

The EMUG Reception took place at the Top of the Hub restaurant on the 50th floor of the Prudential Tower, a Boston landmark that can be seen from up to 40 miles outside of the city on a clear day. This provided people with an opportunity to network and socialize with other EM users. The fact that it was the second day of summer (thus the second longest day of the year) and the fact that it was a full moon, combined or a spectacular, long-lasting view of Boston, Boston Harbor and the surrounding towns. The guests were very pleased with this year’s venue.

Evaluation forms filled out by attendees showed a consensus of opinion that the User Group Meeting is an excellent way to network with colleagues and to learn how different EM users approach workflow and policy issues. Users felt that the meeting was ‘Very Useful’, ‘Extremely Useful’, ‘Incredibly Useful’, and one user even declared that the meeting was ‘Amazingly Useful’. Among the favorite sessions were the Reports Clinic, the eXtyles breakout session, and the New Features Workshop.

The Aries staff particularly enjoyed meeting clients in person, and receiving suggestions on what new features should be considered for future releases of EM. An important goal of the meeting was to display Aries’ commitment to enhancing users’ productivity and to developing technology to help journals thrive.

Quotes about EMUG 2005:

“This meeting is a great opportunity to network with fellow EM users and share ideas for problem solving.”
Tracy Napper, Annals of Emergency Medicine

“The entire two days were chock-full of useful information. We were treated as if our questions were important to Aries.”
Sue Houchin, Medical Care

“These sessions are a ‘must’ for those thinking about EM and for current users – if you don’t know how a feature works – ask – don’t complain.”
Catherine Prysiazny, Journal Prosthetic Dentistry

“Very informative, interactive and fun training.”
EMUG attendee

Quotes about the EM system:

“Aries is taking the suggestions from users very seriously. This is shown in the regular upgrades of the system addressing our needs.”
Judy Bothof, Springer

“This product is extremely user-friendly and gets better and better with each enhancement and new version.”
Karen Cullen, Springer

“EM is essential. I cannot imagine functioning without it. Customer service is extraordinary; well above that of any other organization.”
Donna Stroud, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

“EM has definitely made my life easier! You anticipate features I’d like to see – sometimes before I even think of them (such as reference checking and linking with eXtyles). Thank you.”
Sue Shock, Medicine

“With EM, I can do twice the work in half the time it use to take me.”
Leslie Thacker, Diagnostic Molecular Pathology

“I can’t imagine going back to hard copy after using EM.”
Sandra Perrine, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

“EM has made my life much easier.”
Nancy Kriigel, American Journal of Surgical Pathology

“I couldn’t do it without EM!”
Jackie Lynch, The Larygoscope

“Impressed – can’t wait to start using EM!”
Jackie Perry, American Society for Civil Engineers

“EM is the editorial tool no journal can do without.”
Meg Etherington, Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery