Editorial Manger Release Version 6.1 Generates Positive Feedback

September 17, 2008 | North Andover, MA –

Aries Systems Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of Editorial Manager version 6.1. The functionality added in the new release was informed by hundreds of customer interviews, listserv suggestions, user group workshops and rigorous beta testing.

The new release will have a profoundly beneficial impact on the efficiency and quality of peer review for thousands of scholarly journals. For example, the new “author questionnaire” functionality allows journals to configure article-type and revision-specific author questions. Question responses are available in text, drop-down list, date, check-box and radio-button formats. The author responses to questions are displayed with the manuscript and can be added to the Editorial Manager “transmittal form.” Author questionnaires are created and modified by authorized journal staff at any time, and are therefore not subject to the usual cost and delays associated with vendor software change requests. “I adore this tool,” commented one beta tester.

Beta testers also praised several other new features, such as tools for managing journal taxonomy, resulting in improved reviewer selection and editorial content management; new editorial workflow options, which allow editors to propose reviewers for invitation by journal office staff; manuscript linking options; and convenient new methods for inviting authors. Again, the functionality is entirely activated with easy-to-use Web configuration options, requiring no software changes.

“We are constantly thinking about the needs of editors, reviewers and authors,” commented Tony Alves, Director of Product Management. He added, “New features for linking manuscripts, inviting authors and managing letters to the editor are all examples of how Editorial Manager can be used to extend the reach of journals beyond the increasingly competitive domain of original research.”

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