EM Data Bridge Provides a Cost Effective Route for Journals to Migrate to Editorial Manager Electronic Peer Review

July 21, 2006, North Andover, MA, USA – As the market for online peer review systems has matured, journals have a growing appreciation of service and functionality levels required to effectively service authors, reviewers and editors. But lack of data portability has made it difficult to switch from poorly performing systems because editors fear losing access to historical data stored on their existing system.

The EM Data Bridge from Aries Systems – available in the newly released Editorial Manager® 5.0 – solves the problem by providing a convenient, seamless and cost-effective solution for importing historical manuscript and people data from legacy online or desktop manuscript tracking systems. This means that journals that are dissatisfied with their current peer review system vendor don’t have to worry about losing valuable historic data when migrating to Editorial Manager.

The EM Data Bridge is comprised of journal-customizable fields, import utilities, migration protocols and powerful search capabilities. Aries’ customer service department is responsible for deploying the new utility. Jennifer Fleet, Director of Customer Service, commented, “We have received data from several journals and have been impressed with the speed of import and the convenience of data search and access within Editorial Manager.”

Journals wishing to evaluate the EM Data Bridge and view their historical data on an Editorial Manager system should send sample data to Aries’ customer service department for loading and access in the Editorial Manager system.

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