Institute of Physics Selects Editorial Manager for Conference Proceedings Initiative

November 30, 2007, North Andover, MA, USA – As part of its portfolio of open access journals, Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing produces the Journal of Physics: Conference Series (JPCS), a journal dedicated to providing a fast, low-cost, open access proceedings service. To support the growth and development of JPCS, IOP Publishing decided to provide larger conferences with an online submission and peer-review system. After a period of review of suitable systems, Editorial Manager was selected and has been deployed for an initial group of conferences in 2007.

Commenting on his selection of Editorial Manager, Graham Douglas, publisher at IOP Publishing said “Our decision to use Editorial Manager was based on a number of criteria, not only the usual ones of cost and functionality of the software, but just as important was the need for a straightforward, rapid, and efficient deployment procedure that would enable us to get new conference sites up and running with a minimum of delay. While many peer-review systems provide similar functionality, Editorial Manager offered two definitive advantages. Firstly, the system is highly configurable through an easy-to-use Web-based interface, which means we can quickly reconfigure a template site to meet the requirements of different conferences. Secondly, we were impressed by Aries’ flexibility and their customer service team who, we are delighted to say, have provided outstanding pre- and post-sales service, together with an excellent and very effective on- and off-site training program.”

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