Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) selects Editorial Manager for its journals

May 11, 2011 | North Andover, MA, USA; Tokyo, Japan; Saitama, Japan – 

Aries and its distribution partner in Japan, Atlas Corporation, are pleased to announce that JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) has chosen to make the Editorial Manager online submission and peer review system available to its journals. Editorial Manager is one of two systems selected by JST. Editorial Manager includes the unique ability to “toggle” between Japanese and English interfaces and has significantly more configuration options than any other platform.

According to Yoshiyuki Miyagawa, Manager of the J-STAGE Project at JST, “We believe that the necessary condition for Japan to retain and expand its Scientific and Technological research is to constantly spread out the superior findings to the globe as quickly as possible. Currently, with regard to support this factor, we are converting and releasing the digitalized version of the journal published by the societies via our publication service called the J-STAGE. The journals released via our J-STAGE service are cross linked to the other digital journal sites such as ChemPort, PubMed, CrossRef, etc. and could be accessed from all over the globe. In spring 2011, we’ve upgraded the system to J-STAGE3, a newer version of the J-STAGE and in order to further enhance and improve the convenience for researchers, the ASP (Application Service Provider) service has been implemented as an optional feature called ‘Online Submission Service’. Aries Systems’ Editorial Manager is one of the selected systems for this feature and has been customized / homologized upon implementation in to our system J-STAGE3. ASP service is already widely used by the Japanese researchers upon submitting their manuscripts overseas and we are looking forward to further develop and improve our submission system through this collaboration with globally used Editorial Manager.”

Worldwide more than 4,000 journals already use Editorial Manager for online peer review and dozens of JST journals will be transitioning to the system over the summer of 2011.

Richard Wynne, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Aries commented, “We are honored to be working with such an important organization and such prestigious journals. Because Aries focuses solely on workflow systems it means that our solution is more technologically advanced as illustrated by the unique ability to dynamically toggle the workflow interface between languages.”

About Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST): Japan Science and Technology Agency is an integrated organization of science and technology in Japan that establishes an infrastructure for the entire process from the creation of knowledge to the return to the society. Its office is located in Kawaguchi Center Building, 4-1-8, Honcho, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama 332-0012 Japan. Web site: http://www.jst.go.jp/EN/

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