Kluwer Academic Publishers Extends Its Adoption of Editorial Manager

September 15, 2003, North Andover, MA, USA – Kluwer Academic Publishers and Aries Systems Corporation are pleased to announce the completion of negotiations for the extended deployment of Editorial Manager for online manuscript submission and tracking.

Two years ago, Aries and Kluwer initiated a pilot project for a handful of Kluwer journals. Following the success of the pilot, Editorial Manager was rolled-out to an additional set of core titles. Many authors and editors have expressed their appreciation of Kluwer’s use of Editorial Manager, and for several journals, introduction into the WebJEO (Web Journal Editorial Office) has resulted in a surge of manuscript submissions.

Harry Verwayen, Business Development Manager at Kluwer Academic Publishers, commented: “In the publishing world of today, online manuscript submission and tracking is a mission-critical technology. By offering Editorial Manager as a state-of-the-art solution to more of our authors, reviewers and editors, we are able to increase our service level to the scientific community, resulting in a more efficient publication cycle. During the past two years we have seen several successful, on-time software releases of Editorial Manager. These have improved our service level tremendously and we’ve been impressed with the pace and reliability of innovation delivered by the Editorial Manager development team.”

“When Kluwer Academic staff first used Editorial Manager, they quickly grasped the tactical and strategic importance of this technology”, commented Richard Wynne, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Aries Systems Corporation. “They have played a key role in recommending new features and helping advance our product development strategy. Naturally, we are delighted by this opportunity to extend our relationship with this leading publishing company.”

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