More than Fifty STM Journals Now Deploying Editorial Manager

May 25, 2002, North Andover, MA, USA – Aries Systems Corporation today announced that more than 50 STM (Scientific, Technical and Medical) journals have chosen Aries’ Editorial Manager for Web-based manuscript submission and tracking. The journals are published by leading commercial organizations such as Elsevier Science and Kluwer Academic Press, as well as individual professional societies.

Example live sites:

The rapid acceptance of Editorial Manager has occurred as a result of its underlying system architecture that enables journal offices to dynamically modify workflow functionality without the need for software changes. This means that Editorial Manager can be quickly adapted to the needs of each new journal office in a fraction of the time normally associated with such deployments.

Richard Wynne, Director of Sales and Marketing at Aries Systems Corporation, commented: “First generation manuscript tracking systems use hard-coded software and assume that all editorial offices operate in exactly the same way. In contrast, Editorial Manager anticipates the complexity and change inherent in the editorial process by providing powerful administrative tools. For example, at any time, journal offices can define and insert new editorial “roles” into the workflow and configure letters appropriate to those roles.”

Aries Systems Corporation forecasts accelerated deployment of Editorial Manager in the next 12 months. Aries’ President, Lyndon Holmes, said “This time last year Editorial Manager had just been launched. The fact that in less than one year, fifty plus journals have chosen Editorial Manager is a very significant testament to the competitive advantage it offers to participating journals and publishers.”

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