The OA Switchboard is pleased to announce our next webinar which will focus on the shared use case: Matching Publication Costs with Publication Funds that our launch customers and founding partners are currently working on collaboratively.

Open Access output is growing year-on-year and the need to collaboratively develop open infrastructure to streamline communication between stakeholders has become a priority.


As a research institution or funder, it is complex to assess if and how a certain OA publication meets requirements and to track publications, spend and sponsorship. Especially, with multiple OA strategies in parallel:

  • Administering our central OA fund is harder than we imagined since every publisher has their own system and invoicing processes.”
  • “There is no way we can possibly sign OA publishing deals with every single publisher.”
  • “We also want to support non-APC based and non-corresponding author based initiatives, and multi-payer models.

As a publisher, it is hard to find out if an article publication satisfies an author’s OA requirements and to secure publication funds:

  • It takes a lot of manual work to determine if a funder or institution is willing to cover an APC.”
  • “Not all publishers can maintain individual agreements with hundreds of institutions and funders.”
  • “For non-APC-based initiatives, it would be helpful to find financial donors.”

Participants in the OA Switchboard share an ambition to simplify the fulfillment of OA publication-level arrangements (supporting all OA business models, policies, and types of research output) and to relieve the burden on the researcher.

The eco-system to work better for everyone: learn, adjust and progress.

Join us live for this highly practical evidence-based look at how the OA Switchboard is helping to match publication costs with publication funds for all these use cases via a series of short five-minute talks and use case presentations. There will be time for questions and discussions following. 


  • Adrian Stanley, JMIR Publications
  • Alex Howat, Microbiology Society
  • Charles Lusty, The Royal Society
  • John Murtagh, Imperial College
  • Kate Beeby, Francis Crick Institute
  • Lucia Steele, AboutScience
  • Katrin Seyler, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • Mathew Willmott, California Digital Library
  • Matthew Goddard, Iowa State University
  • Pascal Braak, University of Amsterdam
  • Rob O’Donnell, Rockefeller University Press
  • Star Atay, Aries Systems
  • Tom Jakobs, FNR Luxembourg National Research Fund
  • Yvonne Campfens, OA Switchboard

Register directly with this link – please note this webinar is free and open to all thanks to the support of our host Aries Systems, and a recording of the webinar will be made available soon after the event.

Please share this information within your networks and organization.