Increasingly, journals need ways to improve cost-effective statistical analysis of manuscripts before they are published. StatReviewer’s integration into Editorial Manager runs thousands of algorithms to check the quaility of statistical reporting in manuscripts and outputs reports which can be viewed by Editors, Authors and Reviewers, saving journal staff time and leading to improved quality of published work.

Solving the Problem

StatReviewer is a decision support tool integrated into Editorial Manager that supplements and facilitates the work of human Reviewers and Editors by undertaking thousands of automated tests and flagging potential issues. Reports are human-readable and easy to include in notifications sent by the system. Using StatReviewer integrated with Editorial Manager reduces the risk of accepting submissions with inadequate statistical reporting and saves staff time spent on routine checks.

So How Does It Work?

Integration into Editorial Manager means that Editors and Reviewers benefit from automatic and comprehensive statistical analysis at their fingertips. StatReviewer algorithms check manuscript content for statistical accuracy and style, as well as compliance with standard reporting guidelines such as the Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT). This helpful tool can be configured to run only for select article types and to run automatically based on workflow events. Learn more about StatReviewer by viewing the FAQ or watching the video.

Try it Yourself

Contact us to set up a 90-day free trial of the StatReviewer integration for your journal.


Using StatReviewer for Automated Statistical Analysis in Editorial Manager


More Decision Support Tools

Editorial Manager includes a rich set of tools designed to make Editors’ work more efficient and experience more pleasant. These videos are brief overviews of such system capabilities.

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