Meet The Aries Team: Aimee DesRoches, Marketing Specialist

For this month’s Aries staff interview, we sat down with Aimee DesRoches, Marketing Specialist. Aimee is relatively new to Aries, having joined the staff in January 2019. Aimee has quickly gotten up to speed on all things Aries and scholarly publishing, and has already made huge contributions to the Aries blog, newsletter, and video program. Read our interview with Aimee to learn more about her transition into her new role and the small but mighty Aries Marketing department.

Meet The Aries Team: Betsy Hopkins, Senior Project Manager

For this month’s Aries staff interview, we sat down with Betsy Hopkins, Senior Project Manager. Betsy is well-known around the Aries office for keeping us all on track, her endless supply of dry humor, and kindly answering any question (no matter how far it may be from her purview). Read our interview with Betsy to learn more about how she oversees Aries projects big and small, from the Elsevier acquisition to the development of LiXuid Manuscript.