Did You Know? Aries User Group Listserv

From Authors and Editors to Reviewers and publishers, Aries Systems cultivates an active and engaged user community. Many of our users are familiar with the two Aries user group meetings (EMUG and EEMUG) held annually, but did you know that Aries also has an independent Listserv?

Meet the Aries Team: Ryan Balukas, Principal Systems Administrator

For this month’s Aries staff interview, we sat down with one of our daily heroes: Ryan Balukas, Principal Systems Administrator. Ryan works in the Aries IT department and frequently saves the day when it comes to all things technical, from the smallest “oops” issues to the more complex problems. Read our interview with Ryan to learn more about how he stays up-to-date in his field and what a day in the life of an Aries IT department member looks like.

Saving Author and Reviewer Time with Transfer Options

When Author manuscripts are rejected by a journal, they often must repeat the submission process on one or more subsequent journals. Reviewers face the issue of repeating reviews for the same content if selected again. Both contribute to a great loss of time and effort, and can leave Authors and Reviewers irritated and less willing to resubmit their work.