Recognizing and acknowleding Reviewer activity is key to maintaining talent and improving scholarly research.

For this reason, Editorial Manager provides a way for journals to conveniently recognize reviewer activity in a researcher’s ORCID record

Naturally, journals want a high degree of control over how and when reviewers are recognized, so this video provides an overview of the available options in Editorial Manager.

The first step is for you to notify Aries of your ORCID account credentials so that your organization name will appear as the convening organization rather than Aries.

Now let’s look at Editorial Manager’s configuration options.

Reviewer acknowledgement may not be appropriate for all the article types published by your journal, so the first step is to identify the relevant reviewer forms for the desired article types. For example, I may only want to acknowledge reviewers who work on Original Research articles. Identifying, selecting, and editing this form is undertaken in PolicyManager. If you are not already familiar with this option, please review the video on reviewer form configuration.

I’m logged in as a system administrator. I visit Policy Manager and choose “Create/Edit Review Forms”. I choose the form I wish to edit, then I check the box to “Enable ORCID Review Deposit”. I also configure the authorization question that will be displayed to Reviewers, as well as any desired instructional text.