Users of a peer review system need to be able to quickly surface communications. In the past, if a user wanted to view correspondence specific to an individual, they needed to search across multiple databases tables using reporting functionality. This problem is solved with the addition of Personal Correspondence History in Editorial Manager version 16.0.

Now, Editors and journal staff can quickly access all emails related to a particular person directly from that individual’s people record. Let’s take a look.

Logged in to my Editorial Manager account, if I would like to view my own correspondence history, I can easily do so from the “Update My Information” page. I click on the button labeled “Correspondence History” on the left side of the screen.

Now I can see my entire correspondence history in one place. I can enter date range parameters if I choose. I can customize my grid display options to make certain headers fixed or hidden.

Editors may also be granted access to view user correspondence history. Here, I’m logged in as a system administrator. I visit Role Manager, where I select the appropriate Editor role then under “Viewing and Editing People Data”, I click the checkbox “View Personal Correspondence History.”

Now, logged in as an Editor, I am able to view correspondence history for each individual from the Search People page, where a new column, “View Correspondence History”, appears. I can also see the correspondence history once I click into a user profile. For example, if I search for Zadie Jones and click to update her information, the “Correspondence History” link appears under User Information. Editor permissions will govern which types of correspondence an Editor is able to view here and what actions they are able to take, for example, if they are able to edit a letter before resending.

This helpful change empowers all Editorial Manager users with the ability to quickly surface communications in just a few clicks! Don’t hesitate to contact your Aries account coordinator if you have any questions.