Scholarly journals interact with Preprint Server in two ways.

In some cases, journals want to automatically receive manuscripts that were previously submitted to preprint servers. This workflow is facilitated by EM Ingest, and is discussed in another video.

However, in this video, we will discuss how journals can push submitted manuscripts from Editorial Manager directly to preprint servers.

This workflow is supported for journals using Editorial Manager.
From the corresponding author point of view, they are prompted to respond to an appropriate question asking whether they want their manuscript automatically posted to a selected preprint server at submission.
Manuscripts are transferred from Editorial Manager to designated Preprint Servers using a workflow task.
Typically, the journal office will undertake a preliminary quality evaluation of the manuscript before triggering such a task. Once triggered, the task automatically transfers the manuscript and associated metadata to the designated preprint server. The transfer can be undertaken in standard formats including JATS and MECA.
In some cases the journal may use an additional author task to request further information from the author pertinent to the preprint server.
It only takes a few minutes to configure additional tasks and transfers in the system, so feel free to contact your Aries Account Coordinator for help.