Find Reviewers using Scopus

Through the seamless EM and Find Reviewers using Scopus integration, leverage in-depth researcher insights to identify suitable Reviewers, ensuring a streamlined, impartial, and confident selection

Task Manager for Editorial Tasks

Editorial Manager’s Task Manager feature allows journal offices to assign and track important editorial tasks prior to production and at any time in the editorial workflow.

Identity Confidence Check

Identity Confidence Check (ICC) helps Editors evaluate unknown researchers by verifying Author and Reviewer identities, helping to safeguard against fraudulent peer review and questionable Authorship.

Submitting Editor Decision

When submitting a final decision on a manuscript via the Editor Decision Form, Editors can access prior versions of the manuscript, view Reviewer commentary, and send a decision letter to Authors.

Customizing Letters

Publishers can easily create or modify email letter templates and associate them with key workflow events and roles, and send ad hoc email letters as needed, saving journal staff time.

Helping Editors with Decision Phrases

Publications can customize decision phrases, which appear in a “phase-picker” on the Editor Decision Form, maintaining a consistent voice when communicating with Authors, despite working with a large group of disparate editors.

Manuscript Prioritization with Editor Signposts

EM’s Editor signpost feature displays a color meter that indicates the status for every manuscript in process on the Editor Main Menu, helping Editors prioritize which manuscripts require urgent attention.

Role-Based Promotion of Alternate Reviewers

Within EM, Alternate Reviewers can automatically be promoted when previously invited Reviewers decline or fail to respond to their invitation in a given period, saving valuable time and improving the overall experience.