Introduction to the NavBar

The user-friendly main navigation bar (“NavBar”) within Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager provides a simple and intuitive navigation experience for all users.

Manuscript Submission with Xtract

Authors can easily upload a manuscript and additional files within Editorial Manager. EM’s Xtract feature automatically extracts key metadata and pre-populates fields in the system.

Resetting User Account Password

In the event an Editorial Manager or ProduXion Manager user cannot remember their account password for a specific journal site, follow these simple steps for a quick reset.

Updating User Account Information

EM and PM users can easily update their account information such as username and password, contact details, ORCID ID, and journal-specified classifications to describe areas of expertise.

Customizing Authors Instructions at PDF Build

Publications can customize the text displayed in EM as Authors wait for the manuscript PDF to build. This provides publishers the opportunity to include helpful information for Authors.

Customizing Instructional Text for Authors

EM’s extensive configuration options allow publications to customize content for an improved Author experience. This can include messages, reminders, instructions, information on third party Author services, and more.

Invited Authors

Authors can be invited to submit content by Editorial Offices using Editorial Manager. Invitation options include drag and drop upload of Excel files. Learn how to leverage this useful feature.