PRE and AAAS launch new survey in anticipation of Peer Review Week

In preparation for Peer Review Week taking place September 19 – 25, PRE and AAAS are teaming up to collect some new, useful data from the community. Here’s how you can help.

PRE‘s aim with this study is to turn perception into practical action. Before creating the survey, the PRE team pored over all of the peer review surveys and focus groups that have been conducted over the last five years, and tried to dig a bit deeper.  For example, we know from Wiley’s survey from earlier this year that 77% of researchers expressed an interest in peer review training. This was an important finding. But what should this training consist of? How should it be delivered? Who should pay the cost for training? This new survey is designed to try to answer questions like these.

Results of this survey will be shared publicly via both AAAS and PRE during Peer Review Week.

Take the survey