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Using System Help in Editorial Manager

Often, Editorial Manager users may feel stuck or have a question while they are completing their work in the system. In these instances, it is not always convenient to reach out to journal system administrators, support staff, or an Aries Account Coordinator with questions. Luckily, the comprehensive Help system available in Editorial Manager and ProduXionRead More

Drag and Drop to Reorder Submission Items in v16.0

Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager users benefit from numerous new software releases per year. Each release includes features that range from new third-party integrations to small improvements. Together, these bundles of features help Authors, Reviewers, and Editors save time from submission to publication. Version 16.0 of EM/PM software will begin rolling out over the nextRead More

Workflow Wednesday: General Data Export to Update Letters

  It’s Workflow Wednesday! This means we’re sharing workflow tips and tricks from Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager users. From quick helpful workarounds to unique and diverse methods of peer review, we’ll highlight the real-life ways users interact with EM and PM. This month’s feature workflow tip is from Emily Babcock, Client Manager and Systems Support ProjectRead More

Aries Systems Convenes Industry Advisory Board to Ensure Transparency and Best Practices

Aries Systems has created and convened an advisory board following the acquisition of Aries by Elsevier in September 2018. The board, named the Aries Industry Advisory Board (AIAB), has already begun providing guidance on best policies, practices, and procedures regarding information security and privacy. The inaugural meeting of the AIAB took place on December 7,Read More

A cache for CRediT

CRediT is a standard taxonomy used to identify author contributions to a manuscript such as “writing,” “data curation,” and “conceptualization.” The taxonomy is being rapidly adopted by journals and publishers including Cell Press, PLOS and the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. The CRediT taxonomy is now formally supported in the latest version of JATSRead More