PRW 2023 Series Part 3: Fostering the Future of Publishing through Reviewer Mentorship

As the golden standard for evaluating research, peer review is an essential part of the publishing process. Publications rely on knowledgeable research experts to volunteer their time and effort to conduct rigorous and impartial examinations of submitted content. This work is often unpaid and performed on top of their existing heavy workloads in order toRead More

PRW 2023 Series Part 2: Transforming Editorial Performance and Communications Towards the Future of Publishing

Through our digital world, society has become accustomed to instantaneous communication and near-unlimited access to data. In scholarly publishing, effective communication and proactive performance measurement between stakeholders is paramount to success. However, many publishing platforms rely heavily on email correspondence, which can be cumbersome and unpredictable when it comes to message delivery. Additionally, users areRead More

PRW 2023 Series Part 1: Leveraging Feedback and Analytics to Shape the Future of Publishing

Making data-driven and strategic business decisions is pivotal for driving advancement, fostering innovation, and maintaining a competitive edge. Harnessing critical anecdotal and analytical user data is key for scholarly publications seeking to make informed improvements to their editorial and production processes that will positively impact their business, stakeholders, and published works. Publications that lack visibilityRead More

Peer Review Week 2023 Theme Announced: The Future of Publishing

Peer Review Week (PRW), a community-led annual event, is dedicated to discussing topics related to current trends, advancements, challenges, and opportunities of peer review as part of the larger publishing lifecycle and impact on research. Born from casual discussions between ORCID, ScienceOpen, PRE (Peer Review Evaluation), Sense About Science, and Wiley, Peer Review Week wasRead More

Free Webinar: Streamline Reviewer Invitation with Scopus’ Advanced Search Solution

Identifying and attaining suitable Reviewers is a common strain for publications as their internal and external databases of candidates are often static, stale, inflexible, and overused. In addition to limited coverage, publications also experience a lack of diversity, visibility into key information on potential candidates, and measured to counter fraud, bias, or conflicts of interests.Read More

EMUG 2023 By The Numbers

Last week, Aries Systems hosted the 20th annual in-person Editorial Manager User Group (EMUG) meeting in Boston, MA. Aries user group meetings offer Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM) users the opportunity to stay informed of the latest workflow innovations, discuss advancements and challenges in scholarly publishing, provide feedback to drive future product development,Read More

Pride Month 2023: Fostering LGBTQ+ Inclusivity

Pride Month is a global celebration of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and beyond (LGBTQ+) community and historical movements made for their rights and acceptance. Although it is not uniform to a single month worldwide, Pride Month is observed in the month of June for many countries, including the U.S, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Spain,Read More

Celebrating Global Accessibility Day: Driving Inclusion through Digital Enhancements

Both a key challenge and concern in today’s world, accessibility is increasingly critical to scholarly publishing strategies. Despite a surge of discussions and advancements made against the topic in recent years, the existing accessibility gaps and shortcomings are becoming more exposed across multiple facts of the industry. The lack of accessible content, systems, policies, andRead More

Free Webinar: Redefining the Article and Author Journey with ChronosHub

The scholarly publishing landscape is characterized by continuous innovation and progression to facilitate and enhance the dissemination of global research. In the early 2000s, the transition from physical, mail-based publishing operations to digital workflows through the introduction of email and online peer review systems revolutionized the industry. With increased adoption of hybrid and open accessRead More

Connect with Aries at SSP’s 45th Annual Conference

The Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) will host their 45th annual meeting in Portland, Oregon from May 31 – June 2, 2023. The theme, “Transformation, Trust, and Transparency,” highlights the underlying issues introduced from the challenge of increasing pressure to grow or shift as the industry changes drastically around us. Aries is a proud exhibitorRead More

Register for the 2023 Editorial Manager User Group Meeting (EMUG)

Aries Systems invites current and prospective users of Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM) to attend the 2023 Editorial Manager User Group (EMUG) meeting. Join us on June 14-15, 2023 at the Courtyard Marriott Boston Downtown Hotel in Boston, MA for EMUG 2023. We are pleased to announce registration is now open! Aries’ userRead More