EAR Tip: Cleaning Up Duplicate User Accounts in Editorial Manager

As the leading peer review and production workflow management systems, Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM) are leveraged by millions of registered users worldwide. As every EM/PM site currently operates as its own separate database, a unique account must be created for each title, which can then be used across Author, Editor, Reviewer, publisher,Read More

EAR Tip: Cleaning Up Shared Reports from the EAR Menu

Collecting, measuring, and leveraging important publication data, such as impact and performance metrics, is critical to making informed decisions and implementing strategic enhancements to publishing processes. As such, Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM) comes equipped with a robust reporting module to provide scholarly publishers with independent visibility into relevant journal data – theRead More

PRW 2023 Series Part 2: Transforming Editorial Performance and Communications Towards the Future of Publishing

Through our digital world, society has become accustomed to instantaneous communication and near-unlimited access to data. In scholarly publishing, effective communication and proactive performance measurement between stakeholders is paramount to success. However, many publishing platforms rely heavily on email correspondence, which can be cumbersome and unpredictable when it comes to message delivery. Additionally, users areRead More

PRW 2023 Series Part 1: Leveraging Feedback and Analytics to Shape the Future of Publishing

Making data-driven and strategic business decisions is pivotal for driving advancement, fostering innovation, and maintaining a competitive edge. Harnessing critical anecdotal and analytical user data is key for scholarly publications seeking to make informed improvements to their editorial and production processes that will positively impact their business, stakeholders, and published works. Publications that lack visibilityRead More

Capturing Journal Analytics with Editorial Manager and Google Analytics 4

To make informed, data-driven business decisions and improvements, it is critical for organizations to capture and harness metrics across multiple facets of their operations. Many publishers currently leverage reports to measure the success of their journal processes and scholarly output, as well as keep pace with the ever-evolving publishing landscape and remain competitive. To haveRead More