Editorial Workflows

iThenticate Version 2: Upgrade to Enhance Similarity Check Plagiarism Detection!

Ensuring the authenticity of submitted scholarly content is crucial for publications looking to maintain research integrity. To support this, Aries Systems has partnered with Crossref to integrate Similarity Check, a plagiarism detection tool, within Editorial Manager® (EM). Powered by iThenticate, Similarity Check automatically compares text from submitted manuscripts to information across 99.3 billion internet webpages and content from moreRead More

Recent Enhancements to System Help to Better Support our User Community

To support users across all roles, Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM) comes equipped with a knowledge-packed Help system. The Help platform is comprised of a series of detailed guide articles designed to answer general questions on EM/PM functionality and configurations. Regularly maintained to include the most updated information, the EM Help system isRead More

Streamline Editor Assignment Workflow

To support publishers both large and small with varying business models, policies, and resources, Editorial Manager® (EM) offers several different options for efficient Editor assignment for new or revised submissions. Publications can choose one or more of the following Editor assignment methods depending on their unique workflow preferences: Individual Assignment Batch Assignment Chain Assignment AssignmentRead More

Reporting Across Data Sources: Types of Joins

It is critical for publishers to have access to performance metrics to make informed, evidence-based editorial decisions. Aries’ workflow management solutions, Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM), come equipped with a robust Enterprise Analytics Reporting (EAR) suite that allows publishers to quickly surface key publication data. Within EAR, data is stored across dozens ofRead More

Microbiology Society Partners with Aries and other Technology Providers to Build an Open Research Platform

The Microbiology Society, a membership charity dedicated to shaping the future of microbe research and communications, has recently relaunched their Access Microbiology journal as an open research platform. The journal, originally launched in 2018, supports the publication of replication studies, negative or null results, research proposals, data management plans, additions to established methods, case reports,Read More

PRW 2022: Technical Solutions to Strengthen Trust and Integrity in Scholarly Research

In addition to advancements in digital workflows and the emergence of flexible business models, the scholarly publishing landscape also experiences increasing ethical challenges. With skepticism and distrust in global research on the rise, publishers are looking for opportunities to optimize their workflows and policies to further support efficiency and credibility. Many innovations within the AriesRead More

Free Webinar: Measuring Research Quality, Professionalism, and Reproducibility in the Editorial Workflow

Authors and Editors spend thousands of hours annually preparing scholarly manuscripts and vetting  submitted research, respectively. With this comes an increasing need to enhance the quality of their content without introducing additional tedious and time-consuming manual work. To streamline this process and support trustworthy research, Aries Systems and Ripeta have partnered to integrate ripetaReview, anRead More

Free Webinar: Practicing Ethical Publishing to Support Research Integrity

In a world of plagiarism, citation and data manipulation, conflicts of interest, corrections and retractions, fraudulent peer review, questionable authorship, shifting business models, preprint servers, and more, integrity in scholarly publishing has never been more critical or more challenging. All stakeholders across the multi-faceted publishing landscape have a role to play in supporting this missionRead More

Proactive Solicitation of ORCID iDs to Increase Adoption within Scholarly Publishing

ORCID is an independent, not-for-profit organization that issues unique digital identifiers for scholarly researchers. Successfully adopted by research funders, research institutions, publishers, and other scholarly organizations and systems, ORCID has partnered with Aries to integrate ORCID validation within Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM). Capturing users’ ORCID iDs within EM and PM offers manyRead More

Advanced Editorial Reporting with Editorial Manager and PaperStack

WRITTEN BY: Nick Andrews, Managing Director, DataSalon Aimee DesRoches, Marketing Manager, Aries Systems It is critical for publishers to have access to important data and performance metrics for their publications to make informed, strategic editorial decisions. To support this need, Aries Systems offers several robust tools through the Reporting & Tracking branch of their expansiveRead More

Introducing the Aries Ecosystem

The Aries Partner Program As a trusted partner, Aries recognizes that collaboration is critical to the advancement of scholarly research and successful dissemination of knowledge. We form strategic partnerships with industry organizations to support relevant societies and initiatives, strengthen ties to our user community, and enrich our offerings. The Aries Partner Program consists of twoRead More

How CCC and Aries Collaborate to Streamline and Improve OA Workflows for Authors

Written by: Emilie Delquié, Director of Rightsholder Relations and Global Alliances, CCC Aimee DesRoches, Marketing Manager, Aries Systems   The transition to Open Access (OA) business models and subsequent funding mandates have introduced many challenges for publishers, including an additional level of complexity to their publishing workflows. One significant outcome of these new mandates wasRead More