Enhanced Manuscript Data Transfer and Export with MECA 2.0

The Manuscript Exchange Common Approach (MECA) initiative is a cross-organizational effort that strives to facilitate and standardize multiple types of manuscript exchange within and between platforms, including preprint servers, peer review management solutions, Author applications, and production tracking services. Led by the National Information Standards Organization (NISO), MECA was published as a formal Recommended PracticeRead More

Microbiology Society Partners with Aries and other Technology Providers to Build an Open Research Platform

The Microbiology Society, a membership charity dedicated to shaping the future of microbe research and communications, has recently relaunched their Access Microbiology journal as an open research platform. The journal, originally launched in 2018, supports the publication of replication studies, negative or null results, research proposals, data management plans, additions to established methods, case reports,Read More

NISO Announces Approval and Publication of MECA Recommended Practice

The  National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announced the approval and publication of the Manuscript Exchange Common Approach (MECA) Recommended Practice. The Manuscript Exchange Common Approach is an industry-wide, cross-organization initiative that strives to facilitate and standardize multiple types of manuscript transfer within and between manuscript and peer review systems. Authors are often required to re-submitRead More

Published Case Study: MECA and JATS Compatibility Meta Model

Hosted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI of the NIH), the Journal Article Tag Suite Conference (JATS-Con) is a meeting dedicated to those interested or using JATS, an XML format for marking up and exchanging journal content. JATS-Con 2020, originally scheduled for late April at NIH in Bethesda, MD, will be postponed toRead More

Recap of the Inaugural NISO Plus Conference (2020)

The first annual NISO Plus conference (recently merged with NFAIS) was held in Baltimore, MD at the Lord Baltimore Hotel on February 23-25. Aries was delighted to attend, sponsor, and speak at NISO Plus 2020. Aries Senior Business Systems Analyst Stacey Lavelle attended the three-day meeting and reflected on her positive experience, commenting “Many ofRead More

NISO’s MECA Recommended Practice Open for Public Comment

The NISO MECA Working Group is calling for public comments on their recently released Recommended Practice draft. The recommended protocol is open for public input until February 16, 2020. The Manuscript Exchange Common Approach (MECA) is an industry-wide, cross-organizational initiative that strives to facilitate and standardize multiple types of manuscript exchange within and between manuscriptRead More

Aries Wins Second Place at the NEPCo Awards 2019

Aries was invited to participate in the New England Publishing Collaboration (NEPCo) Awards ceremony at The Rockwell just outside of Boston, MA earlier this week. Following rounds of presentations from each of the finalists, Aries Systems’ collaboration with the NISO MECA Working Group was awarded second place from the NEPCo judges panel and also firstRead More

Join NISO’s Virtual Conference: From Submission to Publication: Creating and Conveying Quality

Aries is pleased to participate during the National Information Standard Organization’s (NISO) virtual conference From Submission to Publication: Creating and Conveying Quality on Wednesday, August 21st. The event will address the following concerns in scholarly publishing – publication time lags, efficient peer review, transparent manuscript transfers, publication quality assurance, and predatory publishing. Industry experts willRead More

Reflecting on CSE 2019

The Council of Science Editors (CSE) held their annual meeting earlier this week in Columbus, OH. Aries is pleased to have exhibited and sponsored the Wi-Fi for the conference.

Saving Author and Reviewer Time with Transfer Options

Upon manuscript rejection, Authors often must duplicate the submission process on one or more subsequent journals. Additionally, Reviewers often face the issue of repeating reviews for the same content if re-selected again. Both contribute to a great loss of time and effort for researchers, deceasing user satisfaction and reducing the likelihood (and willingness) to resubmitRead More

Efficient Technologies: Our Favorite Aries Innovations

Aries Systems is committed to continued innovation and process improvements in order to maintain our standard of delivering excellence. Our workflow management systems, Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM), are frequently enhanced with numerous new software releases each year. To ensure our solutions meet customer needs, incorporate industry trends, adhere to technical standards, andRead More