2016: The year of the transfer workflow

Yesterday, Scholarly Kitchen Contributor Joe Esposito posted a blog dealing with publisher and journal branding in the age of the transfer workflow. Within the post, Joe deems 2016 “the year of the cascading journal program.”

journals_advances_20141028For anyone wondering what is meant by “cascading,” it is the same as transferring — directing articles declined by one journal to another journal in the same publisher’s portfolio. One example of this is the AAAS’ Open Access journal, Science Advances. Science Advances articles sometimes begin as submissions to Science. The submission may not be a perfect fit for Science, and the author is given the option to transfer the submission to Science Advances.

The infrastructure supporting transfer workflows exists within Editorial Manager. Functionality for cross-journal sharing enables the transfer of files and metadata between journal peer review systems. Shared letter templates allow simple updates to standardized language within letters across a publisher’s portfolio of journals. Integration with RightsLink for Open Access enables collection of Article Processing Charges.