Efficient Journal Production Management for Issue- and Article-Based Workflows

Article production is a key transitional point in the lifecycle of a manuscript within the publishing process. Upon the completion of peer review and acceptance at final disposition, production is initiated and the manuscript is passed downstream for further processing prior to publication. To help publishers seamlessly manage the production workflow, Aries Systems offers ProduXion Manager® (PM), a cloud-based production tracking system for scholarly journals, reference works, books, and other publications.

ProduXion Manager is a highly-configurable workflow management system designed to streamline production processes, communications with internal and external stakeholders, and management of metadata and files. Production tasks that can be managed in PM include composition, copyediting, typesetting, XML intake/conversion, Author proofing, image finalization, distribution management, and more!

Convenient assignment notifications and reminders, which are customizable by the publication, can be configured to automatically communicate due dates, files, and task-specific requirements. Publishers have the option to assign and complete tasks in-house or through external vendors or freelancers. In addition to managing article-based workflows, publications can efficiently manage issue-based workflows by linking manuscripts together within Schedule Groups.

Additional helpful features within ProduXion Manager include:

  • The production status grid for dashboard-style visibility into a summary of all submissions and assignments
  • Production task automation by configuring custom workflow chains that enable the automatic trigger of the next task following the completion of prior assignments (or assign tasks to be completed in parallel).
  • Enterprise View to seamlessly manage tasks and assignments across multiple publications within a single interface
  • Enterprise Analytics Reporting (EAR) suite to quickly surface key data and insights to make informed editorial and production decisions

PM connects with upstream editorial systems to provide a comprehensive workflow solution from manuscript submission and beyond. Pair ProduXion Manager with Editorial Manager® (EM) for a seamless end-to-end solution.

To learn more about ProduXion Manager, request a free demonstration or contact your Aries Account Coordinator.