Enterprise View for Cross-Publication Production Task Management

Publishers with many journals in their portfolio often need to manage assignments across several publications at once, requiring staff to jump between sites within the same platform. This creates a taxing process of logging in-and-out of or switching between main menus from one journal site to the next, causing frustrating delays and confusion for staff juggling multiple workflows. To address this issue, Aries Systems offers Enterprise View (EV) for ProduXion Manager® (PM) users which provides a simplified approach to production task management.

Enterprise View allows PM users with appropriately configured role permissions to access submissions and associated production tasks across multiple publications within a single interface. Enterprise View can be applied to publications that belong to the same Business Publisher with the same Unified Database (UDB), enabling a new Enterprise View tab in the system’s main menu. This innovative feature is a multi-phase initiative, first made available in the EM/PM version 16.1 release introducing the new EV menu and a few priority workflow folders – Submission Tasks Assigned to Me, Schedule Group Tasks Assigned to Me, Search Submissions, and access to Cross-Publication Enterprise Analytics Reporting. With the release of upcoming EM/PM version 17.0 in Q2 2021, five additional workflow points will be added to Enterprise View:

  • Submission Tasks I Have Assigned
  • Production Initiated – No Tasks Assigned
  • “At-Risk” Submissions
  • View All Production Tasks with Authors
  • View All Submissions in Production

Journal staff can now easily view, access, and perform assigned tasks from all corresponding sister publications without having to toggle between different journal sites and accounts. If desired, the EV menu can be made a user’s default login display. Assignments within the EV folders enhance the existing PM menu folders by displaying information in a PowerGrid format, equipped with a Publication Code filter and column to easily refine the result set by the publication and identify which site the task belongs to. With Enterprise View, production tasks can also be assigned in batch across multiple publications.

To learn more about Enterprise View in ProduXion Manager, check out this presentation from our previous user group meeting. For assistance enabling this time-saving feature for your journal portfolio, contact your Aries Account Coordinator.