Core Functionality

ProduXion Manager® users are publishers, freelancers, composition vendors and authors. On manuscript acceptance, files and metadata are automatically transferred to ProduXion Manager for workflow processing.



ProduXion Manager adopters include: Wolters Kluwer, Nature, American Society of Civil Engineers, PLOS, the American Meteorological Society, and Society of General Microbiology.


Users of ProduXion Manager benefit from:

  • Improved efficiency and reduced time to publication
  • Powerful and configurable manuscript production tasks and tracking
  • The ability to easily assign tasks and files to workflow participants
  • Visually track workflow and send reminders
  • Comprehensive content management and version tracking
  • Automatically link references to Crossref® and PubMed, and reformat to journal style
  • Undertake issue management including assignment of manuscripts to issues and pagination
  • Machine-to-machine transfer of tasks and files to vendors using XML (including JATS)
  • Enterprise Analytics Reporting offers quick visualization of key data and track KPIs
  • Export manuscripts and data to downstream systems such as PubMed Central and hosting platforms; or out to evaluation systems such as PRE (Peer Review Evaluation)
  • Ability to manage user permissions by configuring roles for administrators, freelancers, and vendors
  • Open Access fee processing using RightsLink and other eCommerce platforms
  • An independent solution not tied to a particular composition vendor
  • Integration with standards such as ORCID, Ringgold, Open Funder Registry, JATS and CRediT
  • Personalized client service. Support centers in UK, Germany, Japan and US
  • Participation in an active and engaged user community. Three user group meetings per year, listserv and weekly webinars
  • Free functionality upgrades featured in 2-3 new releases per year