Core Functionality

Editorial Manager® users are Authors, Editors, and Reviewers. Authors submit manuscript files and metadata and act on revision requests. Editors use the system to review submissions, assign to Reviewers, and make and communicate decisions to accept, revise, transfer or reject manuscripts. Reviewers are invited to work on manuscripts, can accept or reject assignments, flag their own availability and specialties for Editors, and perform and submit all review tasks right in the system.



Editorial Manager adopters include: Wolters Kluwer, Springer Nature, BMC, American Psychological Association, Endocrine Society, Wiley-VCH, Brill, Taylor & Francis, University of Chicago Press, Elsevier, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Society of Civil Engineers, PLOS, the American Meteorological Society, Microbiology Society, and hundreds more.


Benefits of Editorial Manager:


  • Easy manuscript submission allowing for the capture of manuscript metadata, forms, and files
  • Reviewers can accept or decline assignments, without even logging in, via secure deep links
  • Similarity CheckArtwork Quality CheckCheckcifStatReviewer, and Identity Confidence Check options instantly surface useful decision support information to Editors
  • Automatically link submitted references to Crossref® and PubMed and reformat to journal style
  • Save time in the Reviewer discovery process with ProQuest’s Pivot™ database integrated into Editorial Manager
  • Conveniently transfer rejected manuscripts and associated reviewer comments to collaborating journals
  • Enterprise Analytics Reporting offers quick visualization of key data such as submitting  authors by region or country
  • Easily ingest manuscripts and clean metadata from value-added submission partners, such as manuscript preparation tools and preprint services
  • Export accepted manuscripts and data to downstream production systems like ProduXion Manager
  • Share data with third-party services such as KudosPublonsImpact VizorORCID Reviewer Recognition, and more
  • Manage user permissions by configuring roles for Editors-in-Chief, Managing Editors, Editorial Assistants and administrators
  • Fee processing using RightsLink and other eCommerce platforms
  • Integration with standards such as ORCID, RinggoldFundRef, JATS and CRediT
  • Personalized client service with support centers in UK, Germany, Japan and US
  • Participation in an active and engaged user community with three user group meetings per year, listserv and weekly webinars
  • Free functionality upgrades featured in 2-3 new releases per year