Flexibility in configuring submission workflows

Aries products, are configurable and flexible, giving control to users to design the best, most supportive workflows for their publications. Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager stand out among other systems in the marketplace because workflows are not hard-coded, and a majority of configuration requires no development, or delay.

Here are a couple of examples of flexibility within the submission workflow.

In Editorial Manager, publications decide which article types are available for authors to choose from, what submission items are associated with each, and which are required. These configuration options remain available so that updates can be made on the fly.

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Similarly, publications can decide how much contact they want to have with co-authors, and whether or not they require co-author verification prior to submission. Once again, this is flexible enough to differ by article type. Perhaps co-author contact is crucial to original research, but less important to book review workflows– that is a simple change an administrator can make in a few clicks.

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