Force11 wants to improve the way journals cite data

With the help of an NIH grant, Force11 is tackling the problem/opportunity of how authors cite data.

Historically, journals have adopted a wide range of practices including in-line free text, and ad hoc citation formats. With the increased emphasis on data curation, such practices are neither scalable, nor are they optimized for machine-readable applications.

Force11Underpinning the Force11 initiative is a recent update to the JATS DTD (Version 1.1) enabling the structuring of data citation elements, such as data title, and persistent global identifiers. What this means for journal offices is that standard citation formats (such as AMA and APA) may soon be updated to include guidelines for data citation. Downstream, tools and conversion practices based on these reference formats will need to be updated.

Would this make an interesting session at the upcoming EMUG meeting (June 16 & 17 in Boston)? Please let us know.