Helpful Features Released in EM/PM version 16.1

Aries’ Editorial Manager User Group Meetings (EMUG) kick off every year with an overview of new features and functionality included in the most recent software release. Given the decision to cancel this spring’s user group meeting (EMUG 2020) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Aries has created a list of helpful features included in Editorial Manager®/ProduXion Manager® version 16.1, which is now in general release, to help keep EM/PM users informed and up to speed.


Batch Reassign Open Editor Assignment

When Editors leave a publication, there may be open assignments left that are still in progress. Prior to this release, reassignment from Editor to Editor had to be performed manually, one paper at a time, which could skew historical data. In the most recent release, open Editor assignments can now be transferred or distributed among multiple new editors in batches rather than individually, saving Editors valuable time.

Merge Fields for Additional Manuscript Detail Fields

Additional Manuscript Detail (AMD) fields are often created by journals to capture supplementary information associated with manuscript submissions. In the past, if Editors wanted to share this information, text from an AMD field had to be manually copied and pasted into an email. Now, publications can create a new type of merge field to capture the description of an AMD and the value. AMD merge fields can be used in all emails relating to a submission and can be inserted into letter templates for all Letter Families with the exception of Batch Email.

Edit Automatically Assigned DOIs

Traditionally, Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are set up in EM for either manual or automatic assignment, and those that are automatically assigned cannot be edited. Now, new role permissions allow Editors to edit system assigned DOIs themselves, specifically submission DOIs, Submission Item DOIs (which are new!), and the Preprint DOIs.

Enterprise View for Cross-Publication Production Task Management

ProduXion Manager users with Editor or Publisher roles who work across multiple publications were required to login and out of several journal sites to perform their assigned tasks. The introduction of Enterprise View (EV) allows staff to manage the production process across multiple journal sites that belong to the same Business Publisher with the same Unified Database. Users can now search, view and access tasks from a single location within PM!

Preview for Uploaded Image Files

ProduXion Manager users can now preview uploaded image files from the File Inventory page. A new Preview action link is displayed, which opens a pop-up window for easy viewing of Companion and Submission file images and corresponding metadata.


For the full list of the features released in version 16.1, please refer to Aries’ official release notes. For assistance in implementing these feature enhancements for your journal, please contact your Aries Account Coordinator to get started.