Redesigned Menus Interface Offers Intuitive and Accessible Editor Experience

Aries Systems is excited to announce the upcoming release of redesigned Editor Main Menus within Editorial Manager® (EM) and ProduXion Manager® (PM). This enhancement will be introduced as part of Aries’ ongoing multi-year, multi-phase redesign initiative to deliver best-in-class workflow management solutions.

The redesign includes both user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) updates that will make the Editor Main Menus more modern, intuitive, and accessible to improve Editor satisfaction. These data-driven enhancements are in response to direct user feedback and extensive research highlighting room for improvement in organization, ease of use, and visual cleanliness. The redesign applies to all the Editor menu tabs – Editorial, Proposal, Production Tasks, and Enterprise View.

The new interface features modernized colors, enhanced spacing, cleaner fonts, and larger text size to increase legibility and accessibility. The updated design also introduces organizational, transparency, and layout changes to improve navigability and convenience for Editors. In addition to the realignment of the Menu tabs with the folders window, the “Submissions With” reviews status table, the “Search” submissions and people function, and the “Administrative Functions” table has relocated to the lefthand side menu for easier access and reduced scrolling. To allow Editors to simplify their view, a new accordion feature has been added to expand or collapse sections within the folders window or functions within the left-hand side menu.

The existing Editor signposting feature is further enhanced with this design update to now allow Editors to view the status of submissions with the entire folder by simply clicking on the signpost meter, saving time and effort navigating to each subfolder and improving visibility of assignments. Within the new signpost pop-up window, the three color-coded categories are linked to allow the Editor to conveniently navigate directly to the folder and view submissions by their “health” status.

As part of Aries’ 24.04 software release, the redesigned Editor Main Menus will be automatically enabled on all Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager sites on Wednesday, April 10.

For more information on this enhancement, check out our detailed FAQ Sheet and other helpful materials within our UI/UX Resource Library. To stay informed of future design enhancements to EM/PM, please subscribe to our UI/UX Updates Newsletter.

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