Streamline Editor Assignment Workflow

To support publishers both large and small with varying business models, policies, and resources, Editorial Manager® (EM) offers several different options for efficient Editor assignment for new or revised submissions. Publications can choose one or more of the following Editor assignment methods depending on their unique workflow preferences:

  • Individual Assignment
  • Batch Assignment
  • Chain Assignment
  • Assignment Substitution
  • Suggest Editor Assignment
  • Direct-To-Editor Assignment

Publications can take advantage of one or a combination of these options by configuring editorial assignment by article type. In addition to assigning submissions individually, editorial offices can streamline the assignment process by harnessing Editor chain templates or batch functionality. Publications can configure assignment chains to automate multi-Editor workflows, allowing higher-ranking Editors visibility into editorial decisions without needing to partake in everyday tasks. Editorial Manager also allows for easy Editor substitution in the event of absence or departure, and the newly assigned replacement Editor will inherit all statistics and due dates. Suggest Editor queues are a great option for publications looking to assign Editors based on their unique expertise and knowledge. To bypass all Editor queues or chains, publications can opt for direct-to-Editor assignment.

Watch the overview video below to see each Editor assignment method in action and for insights on how to configure each in Editorial Manager. For support, contact your dedicated Aries Account Coordinator.