Workflow Wednesday: Journal Accountability Report


It’s Workflow Wednesday! This means we’re sharing workflow tips and tricks from Editorial Manager and ProduXion Manager users. From quick helpful workarounds to unique and diverse methods of peer review, we’re highlighting the real-life ways users interact with EM and PM.

This month’s workflow tip is from Bonnie Ponce, Managing Editor (Journals) at the Mathematical Association of America. If your journal is looking to identify key metrics and streamline processes, Bonnie’s tip is for you!

Journal Accountability Report

“Our organization has an Editor rotation of 5 years with a transition year for 6 years total. With three journals on a staggered rotation schedule, it seems like we are constantly rotating someone on or off a journal. It is important to maintain consistency between Editors. We aim to keep on top of how long it is taking an Editor to get back to Authors with their first decision. Sometimes, Editors burn out toward the end of their term, or struggle to keep up with a constant flow of manuscripts at the beginning of their term. Editorial Manager has a great tool for tracking key numbers.

My go-to report is the Journal Accountability Report. This report tracks some numbers that are so helpful to watch and use as a starting point for a difficult conversation or as a way to encourage your Editors. The report highlights several key statistics including submission statistics, Reviewer statistics, and journal turnaround time. All the numbers are well-defined for supervisors who may not be as familiar with the terms in Editorial Manager.

To find this report, go to the Administrative Functions menu and click on Reports. Scroll to the Summary and Annual Reports and click on Journal Accountability Report.” –Bonnie Ponce, Managing Editor, Journals, Mathematical Association of America

Many thanks to Bonnie for participating in Workflow Wednesday! Is your journal using a unique workflow or feature? We want to hear from you! Send us your tips, tricks, suggestions, or example workflows. We’re happy to credit your suggestion to you or keep it anonymous if you prefer. You can also tag us or direct message us on social media with your tips.

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